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If it does, the worst case scenario is that you can make the choir tracks in Reaper and then import them into your PT session. Send a private message to RJPapakonstantinou. Find all posts by PatriotsBiker.

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I just can't manage to get it to work properly off a VST hosting program. At least not on my Windows 7 PC.

DSK ChoirZ (freeware) | myVST

Thanks for any help or advice! Obviously I would prefer free, but chances are highly unlikely. I've had some interesting sounding blends just messing around and ended up using it in a song once. Send a private message to PatriotsBiker.

Reaper can be had for very cheap and has or had a very liberal demo policy. Xpand's Choirs do not chhoirz sound like choirs, and the the female tones sound like men when deep toned.

DSK ChoirZ - Project problem

Another thing once you have a blend going is to add a string or synth tone way down low in volume to assist the aspect of the tone you want to pop out. SF files are extinct.

As long as the sound, sounds good and gives Choir atmosphere that is all I'm looking for. I know I have no right to be picky at this point. IIRC, I increased and decreased the aspects that I liked and disliked from each and ended up choizr decent and musical sounding blend.

You mentioned good ones not being able to be brought up in a VST host properly. If it does, the worst case scenario is that you can make the choir tracks in Reaper and then import them into your PT session. Originally Posted by RJPapakonstantinou Hello, I am trying to get a decent Choir sound dskk spending to much money because I am dsl on funds right now.

So if anyone else out there is looking for a good alternative, that might be a good place to start while you continue your search.

From there I will find my way into including it on the track somehow.

All times are GMT Originally Posted by RJPapakonstantinou. Send a private message to anp Hey guys, I'm still looking for programs but I'm satisfied with my alternative for now.

I got myself a new used keyboard and it's choir is decent considering. But again I am up for alternatives that involve using other free studio software, or hosting programs if necessary to produce the sound. Is that just an issue dwk something from within PT? But seriously, I am into Symphonic Metal so anything halfway decent would be great. Send a private message to RJPapakonstantinou.

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Unfortunately I do not have that program though. It is a Casio WK For example DSK Choirz sounds great!

I wonder if layering a few of the choir tones in xPand! Find all posts by anp Decent cheap mic for scratch audio VO. I know it's better to buy high end stuff and be done with it, but a man's wallet dictates a lot when you do not want to steal any programs.

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