Personally I like this approach since the matrix is very easy to set-up and maintain. We have a patent pending on this view. SonarJ is able to recognize dependencies defined in Spring Configuration files. It also helps with finding duplicated blocks of code , which are usually considered undesirable.

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hello2morrow rolls out SonarJ 5.0

Software architects can use SonarJ to define architecture and quality rules, which will then be zonarj in the IDE Eclipse on the developer's workspace. The architecture meta model behind SonarJ makes it easy to make sure, that you have a complete coverage of all the dependencies in your code. This matrix scales extremely well for large systems. Your message is awaiting moderation.

The architecture view has a new option called "highlight restrictions".

Architecture Analysis Tool SonarJ 6.0 Supports Structural Debt Index and Quality Model

But we are expanding to the United States. But the benefit of SonarJ is closely related to the size of the project.

What was the motivation behind the release of community edition of SonarJ? A quality model is a set of metric thresholds that can be used to enforce specific quality guidelines.

This tool can be sonnarj free of charge for commercial projects with a size of up to 50, bytecode instructions approximately 20, lines of code.

To get your free license please register on the website www. Static program analysis tools. Sonxrj information on Lattix and a downloadable trial can be found at: The essential model can be used as a simple starter for continuous integration and the extended model defines more thresholds and is useful when looking for problems in unknown code.

Sonargraph - Wikipedia

Thank you for participating in the discussion. Strong patterns can be used to force the assignment of a type to a specific architectural artifact regardless of restriction imposed by the parent artifact and the weak hierarchical patterns can be used to match types, that have not been matched by any other stronger pattern. Sobarj appears to be another cool feature.

Other new features in the latest version include the following: It's how modern teams deliver modern software.

It takes way too much time and there is a great risk of overlooking serious structural problems.

Feb 09, 4 min read. Not surprisingly, I can't agree with the last bit.

In summer of we had the first preliminary release of SonarJ, but it took until December 05 to win the first customers. The community license is limited to projects with up to 50, byte code instructions approx. But, like I say, I'm not the slnarj objective judge of these things… Cheers, Ian. Peter had that idea, because it sounded somehow cool.

Moreover the memory consumption of SonarJ has been reduced. SonarJ Community Edition offers architecture analysis and management for small to medium size Java applications. The new sand-boxing mode allows the users to try the variants of a system file for trying out architectural ideas and refactoring ideas without changing the original system file.

I said to myself, that if I had to work that hard I could just sonwrj well create a new company again. To make the equation complete, projects with up to classes pay less for a commercial license than before, bigger projects have to pay more.

SonarJ Community Edition Offers Architecture Analysis and Management for Java Applications

I moved to Massachusetts this summer and created subsidiary here. We are thinking about a free community edition, that has a builtin project size limit e,g. Currently we just launched the beta program for SonarJ 4. By comparing the logical model with the real dependency structure Sonargraph finds and list all architecture violations deviations from the intended structure.

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