Stray souls dollhouse story walkthrough

There is a drum of oil, but you need to find something to remove the cork so you can fill your oil can. Go back to the office door. Place the window in the Dollhouse, and Jimmy tells you to take it for more information about Sam. Chapter 8 Click anywhere to read the dialogue. Perform the actions shown on the screenshot to complete the mini-game.

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Zoom in on the easel B. Not all morphing objects were identifiable and some are best guesses. JiG is on Patreon soule Needs You! It doesn't matter which way you turn the dial as long as you stop on the numbers in the proper order. Open the trunk with your key, take the Shovel and Gas Can, and go to the Cemetery.

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Turn each of them until the lock looks like the screenshot. JayIsGames offers a free online experience with the best free online games. Solve all plagues in the exciting point-and-click adventure Rusty Lake Paradise. Jazz March 2, 9: Click on the pipes to assemble the plumbing eouls to the image C. Place the Doll of the man who came walkthrouugh deliver the box.

Use the Train Lever on the boot to move the train forward so you can have access to the town. Dollhouse Story game walkthrough featuring annotated screenshots from actual gameplay!

Click on Sam B. Go to the House Entrance and zoom in on the wapkthrough at the door so you can place the mechanical arm. Click on the stand for a Hidden Object Scene.

There is also a needle and thread there but you can't take it with your bare hands. Zoom in and place the key in the lock, turn the key 3 times and enter the room. Go back toward the Toy Shop. Note the shadow outside the window. RSS Feed Subscribe to our feed.

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Go to the hatch at the top of the cage. Welcome to the Stray Souls: Turn the key 3 times and enter the Police Station.

Use the bug spray to get rid of the bugs and the wire cutters to snip the wire so you can take the arm. Your ultimate goal it dkllhouse grow a plant that will pick the lock and open the door.

Collect everything to get the Tongs and Red Book. Place the window in the Dollhouse, and Srtay tells you to take it for more information about Sam. This walkthrough was created by Alawarand is protected under US Copyright laws.

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Are you ready for really dark and creepy places, places without sun and light of hope? Watch the cutscene and at the end, you will receive the Tunnel Key. Danielle Hunt didn't have my foresight, and now she's paying for it in Alawar Games' newest horror hidden-object adventure title, Stray Souls: Start from the inside out, because you will find that a couple of rings turn other rings. Pick up the Beyond Object shown on the mantle. Zoom in on the fireplace and use the oven mitt to take the Cabinet Key.

Watch the cutscene and then zoom in on the machine mechanism.

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