Angelcorpse exterminate

FearTheAggression October 28th Comments. Login Create a Profile. As I said before, the drums and the speed was the elements in this album that grabbed my attention very good. You're gonna hit a reviews here soon

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You can't hear anything from the bass because it is overshadowed by the drumming and the thick guitar work.

Angelcorpse - Exterminate - CD

You've been on one hell of a reviewing rampage lately. This band is called Angel Corpse and they were formed at and was active during the 90's and forward, though they didn't made any bigger success in angelcotpse short career if you can call it that.

I commend you and your metal-worthy efforts.

I think that these vocals sounded a bit odd for a death-metal band, this band was considered to one of america's better death-metal bands but not to me. Shadows Moderator July 29th Comments.

The guitar work which is performed by Gene and Bill is a pretty good piece work, the guitars is classic death-metal with very fast riffing, chaotic soloing and played with presicion. The material was very repetitve too, all the songs sounded pretty much the same becuase of the drumming to mention one thing.

CaptainDooRight November 23rd Comments. As I said before, the drums and the speed was the elements in this album that grabbed my attention very good.

Angelcorpse | Exterminate - CD - Black Metal | Season of Mist

The guitars were also a factor that affected the songs, the riffage seemed to go up and down and they were fast all the time. The Scythe Of Cosmic Chao. The album by the way is called ''Exterminate'' and the material is high-paced exteminate with ingredients from the black-metal genre, the vocals are based on growls with a raspy sound think Satyricon and the guitars are fast, quite technical and pretty brutal.

Login Create a Profile. Fleshcrawl Made of Flesh. I think that only hardcore death-metal people would like this, if you like the band Dark Angel and bands like Death and Morbid Angel you might check these guys out.

Sear Lamentations of Destruction. I can't understand how skilled these drummers really are, the drum work is like an ever-flowing, rampaging avalanche.

You're gonna hit a reviews here soon Not a band for me but ''extreme'' people would enjoy thispretty much, it did show classic elements from both death and black-metal but mostly from death-metal I would say. Maybe not as heavy but the speed from this drummer is probably the best trick the band got under their arm-sleeves, but these types of drum patterns are not for the weak though.

John Coltrane - A Love Supreme. Songs that changes their paces to often usually bores me but this band didn't, though this is not my style of music but I admire the musicians skills very much. He's too busy reviewing to be commenting. So what can I say about their performances in this album then, Pete's part in the band is of course important becuase his is the vocalist.

Ordinary Corrupt Human Lo. Cradle of Filth - Midian.

Angelcorpse - Exterminate - Encyclopaedia Metallum: The Metal Archives

The vocals sounded more like belching mixed with black-metal influenced singing, and that made a wierd sound to me ears. Thor July 29th Comments.

Plus alot of these bands I don't know so it's good to hear some new suggestions. His vocals are more directed to black-metal than death-metal, the vocals are dark growling, but it sounds like he is belching at the same time when he is singing.

Their next album is extermnate best though. And as a bassist I can only say one thing, rhythm. Keep up the good work. I have no idea how many humans who knows about this band but I still think that they angflcorpse create some new fans through this website but who knows. Of Lucifer and Lightning. People who have heard the well-known death-metal band called Morbid Angel can imagine how this band would sound like.

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