Ciega sordomuda shakira

General Comment The Title in english is "Blind and Deafmute" to add to the translation of this some of the words you don't know: I love most of her songs The music video begins with a woman dressed in a wig, with trumpets backing her, lip-synching to the song.

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How many times have I tried to bury you in my memory and although I say "Not anymore" it's once again the same story.

But although it has a great reality dose, it also has a great dose of sarcasm and humor It was also a hit slrdomuda over Latin Americareaching 1 in the charts of every single country. This song is a song that was born from reality: El Tiempo in Spanish.

At the end, the police attack the dance club where the runaways are dancing, but Shakira escapes with the boyfriend. It was released on September 7,as the lead single from the album.

Shakira hides in a wig store, pretending to be a mannequin, and drives a car blindfolded while the whole city searches for her, blindfolded as well.

General Comment ah this song is great Soon, the woman is taken away with many other people, including Shakira herself.

Shakira - Ciega, sordomuda lyrics + English translation

In an interview with Yamid AmatShakira explained the lyrical meaning behind the song, saying, "Why ciega, sordomuda? Login with Facebook Error: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Because this love no longer understands advice, nor reasons Shakria is built on pretense, and it is pants-less.

Retrieved August 7, Nielsen Business Media, Inc.

Ciega, sordomuda (English translation)

There was an error. General Comment Love this song General Comment osvaldo rios is paisano mio.

Book Category Template WikiProject. I love most of her songs Add your thoughts 11 Comments. Retrieved from " https: Create an account with SongMeanings to post comments, submit lyrics, and more.

Retrieved 16 June If you come close, nothing is of use to this useless girl. Login with Google Error: General Comment The Title in english is "Blind and Deafmute" to add to the translation of this some of the words you don't know: Shakira — Ciega, Sordomuda. User does not exist. Shakira meets a man who later dresses as a policeman and they both escape—he is cast as a boyfriend in the video.

Anyway, she dated him for awhile but eventually left him. Ciega, Sordomuda song meanings. The song was not going to be the first single from the album, in favor of " No Creo ".

We lose the will and the control of the senses

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