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Dont Put Me Down. Punk also often takes on local roots and draws on local music forms, and so there was an African identity present in the lyrics, music and visual style in the punk movement in all three of the countries we looked at. Africa is also considerably changed from a decade ago which provided us with some necessary distance and perspective in terms of telling a historical narrative. Uncle Shifty's Wholesale Emporium.

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Mozambique by Fuzigish lyrics - DamnLyrics - All lyrics is here

Why did you choose South Africa, Zimbabwe and Mozambique to feature in the film? Are any of the bands in the film still together and performing?

The scene was too underground to really have an impact on religious society as a whole. In the early 70s, Southern Africa still remained the last bastion of colonialism and censorship and social disapproval fkzigish popular culture was rampant. Deon grew up in the scene wrote about it and photographed it in the s during its heyday in South Africa.

Punk is an attitude of showing a middle finger to everything that is deemed important to others. Scratching From 'The Unwanted Traveler'. Shooting took just over one year as we expected, and we edited as we went fuziggish as the film is structured basically chronologically. Most of the scene was rooted in live performances and few records were available. Shoot Up, Shoot Down.

There's gotta be a better. Of the older generation, a few individuals are still performing in various formations but most have moved on into other careers, including fuziigsh most of the originators. Between the first shot and the last edit? If you put a soundtrack to that approach to life, you have punk. For instance it [arguably] reached the UK via the Ramones tour. Uncle Shifty's Wholesale Emporium.

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His company specialises in music related subjects. The film is represented for sales and distribution by our sales agent in Berlin, who also handles festivals for us. It is about doing things for yourself independently on your own terms.

Fuzigish at FORR

He was a punk from day one and has the earrings and battle scars to prove it. What kind of tech was used in shooting and editing the film? Punk developed at first separately in each of the three main South African cities — when the musicians from various places began to meet each other, a network of small venues and later fanzines developed.

Africa is also considerably changed from a decade ago which provided us with some necessary distance and perspective in terms of telling a historical narrative.

We maintain a regular presence on Facebook and Twitter as well as dedicated Soundcloud and Vimeo pages, and use the Internet daily for promotional activities around the film, sometimes on several continents at once.

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Fuzigish plays an infectious catchy brand of punk music that has audiences going nuts and skanking a riot at their energy fuelled live shows.

The film covers a period of time from the early s until today. We are currently in Rotterdam for the European premiere as we write this.

Fuzigish - Things Have Changed. He comes from a journalistic and record company background, started his fuziggish company Meerkat Media and do a lot of television work. Roll With The Punches. Southern Africa is extremely rich in musical heritage, and even most rock musicians are taken quite seriously.

Between concept and shooting was approximately one year. There's Gotta Be a Better Way.

More African-oriented musicians such as Mac McKenzie from Cape Town viewed the punk scene of the s as a vehicle to reach broader audiences and different people but retained their musical chops and brought real musical skill to the punk style. It was only when they started leveraging a dedicated Facebook page and other social media tools did they start to make headway.

The politics and DIY aesthetic of the scene remained fairly intact everywhere.

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