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Who do you think has influenced your sound the most? We should want people to know a basketball player is really rapping like this and is not even pursuing rap. A hip-hop head to the core, Shumpert, a native of Oak Park, Illinois, has been recording since he was young. I thought that song was dope because me, Ari and Phlyy have been doing this since eighth grade.

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They want to hear all that old school, smooth with no bass sound. I love mixtapd, though. How easy is that for me to talk about?! No one would know who I am and they could just appreciate the music. Even though it might not be my type of music, he clearly loves music and put a lot into it. And it was a great pleasure becoming acquainted with him.

What they might not know, though, is that the year-old New York Knicks guard can rap, too. I am not a huge sports fan and I was unaware of the Cavalier player. The cool thing about my parents is, they have an open ear for music. I feel a B.

But who says your only allowed one passion? BUT he did deliver on this. I went and did research and ended up listening to all his mixtapes and saw him rapping on Youtube as a year-old in dirty braids.

People are talking about kids getting killed in Chicago and all that other stuff. My dad used to play the drums and stuff, so i,an appreciate music.

New Mixtape: Iman Shumpert – Shumpman the MD | Can I Talk My Ish

And it was dope how he spoke out about people saying he should stick to hoopin. For me it was a huge distraction.

With Chrisette, I was sitting down for lunch with her best friend, who was supposed to throw a party for me, and Chrisette was coming, because after lunch those two were gonna go do something.

So Maino came to the studio and he heard "For The Win," and he was asking who did the hook on it. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Now I have to be honest. He spoke about rapping ever since he was young and doing battle raps, so clearly this is more than a hobby for mixgape.

You could be a scientist by day and produce music by night. Yeah, it was thuggish or whatever. It was more about letting people know I love my team.

Carmelo Anthony is the MVP right now, right? You have to practice, and read the music, and write it out.

Iman Shumpert Super Athletic Rookie Will Electrify Madison Square Garden!! Impact Mixtape

Now in my eyes there is more to this man than just passing a ball. Who do you think has influenced your sound the most? After releasing Th3 Post90s last week, his first official mixtape since putting out four in high school, Shumpert sat down with XXLMag. When we kicked it, all we ever did was hoop and rap—Phlyy used to play shumpret.

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They told him I did it; and he was like, "The Knick?! By the third time I heard the song I already knew the hook and I wonder if his fiance had a hand in imxtape song lol I realized his vocal style is just layed back. My mom and dad, they like The Temptations…. One thing led to the next, and I asked her if she would jump on a hook. Oh, man [ laughs ].

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