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Interestingly, at low quality, much better speed. Aditionally, i was very excited about the 2-player-mode. Also I found it deeply annoying that the game screen zoomed in on the Ninja and panned around with it.. Video games supporting hardware acceleration by PhysX.

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Also, the message for an invalid username seems to end preemptively — Where have half of the enemy placement options gone?!

Also, the very first level should probably give an overview of the controls. What I dont like the most is not knowing what score I got on runs that were not my fastest. It is much easier to navigate to all the levels.

Looks like an issue with Flash Player under Nv2-Mac. Or download the game here: That is one of the most useful features. Or, click the appropriate link on the right to download an archive containing the game, the readme and the license agreement.

Anon 19 May Congratulations on this new version! Super Mario Bros 3: Also, please consider to make it at least for the OUYA, an android console.

Game should be nv landscape Left: Looks like an issue with Flash Player under watbilalan.

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Metanet Software Inc metanet metanetsoftware. The goal of each level is to trigger the switch and exit through the door that it opens, before the second time limit is up. That levels so dang hard, you just wanna take a break.

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And I never really picked it back up. Part of the motivation for rewriting N v2.

I think it is unrealistic to expect any of the experienced mappers to use the 2. However I am only getting episodes 00,10,20,30,40,50,60,70,80, Breaking News Nv2 player download free.

Unbenannte 03 Aug Do you think you could realese N in Steam? In order to see a userlevel published whilst playing N, one has to restart the game.

Nv2 player download free

N v Ninja is an amazing, free Windows game. Browse the web up to 8x faster than Chrome and Safari. I recently upgraded my mac to mavericks and lost all my progress.

AMomentLikeThis 18 May Is there anywhere we can properly raise issues rather than doing it through the blog comments? First of all, thanks for this great update on N! My pause button is the up arrow. Congratulations on this new version!

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Nadiim Nafei 28 Jun Hey guys! Aditionally, i was very excited about the 2-player-mode. Been following N for years now. Since the game has been added to our selection of software and apps init has already reached This is not a huge problem, at least pplayer to me.

Those are my only problems.

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