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Override Material Override the reference object material, and apply a supplied one. Boundary Fence Continuous Venetian - 2. Streetlight 6 dual 2h.

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Hit and Miss Vertical - 1. Max File 3DSMax scene where the reference object is stored.

It is also possible to set the display mode manually, irrespective of the number of faces. RailClone can access styles from a number of libfary libraries. Universal Hip - Mechanical Fixing. Curtain Wall curve Each library item points to a single template ljbrary in a. Universal Ridge - Mortar Fixing. RailClone uses its local coordinate system to determine the array's axes, so the orientation of the RC object is important. Why the Top or Perspective Viewport? To switch on Points-Cloud display mode, follow these steps:.

Customizing the Library - RailClone Help

The RailClone plugin uses these settings to construct an object based on the properties of a reference object in a.

Editing is non-linear Though we have presented this process as a sequence consisting of 5 steps, one of the great advantages of RailClone is that a style, its parameters, segments, and base objects can be edited at any time and in any order, and the object will update automatically.

Thumbnail Selector button Press this button to change the thumbnail image. Seat Stand 03 F. You can also use macro substituion see section libgary to use conditions or complex structures.

Streetlight 6 dual 2h. If you find the alignment is incorrect you railvlone simply rotate the RailClone object to the orientation you require and then reselect the base object s.

This not an error, but is because the original geometry has been replaced with simplified boxes using one of RailClone's two adaptive display modes.

Universal Ridge Large - Mortar Fixing.

Customizing the Library

This is incorrectly oriented for a fence style, though may be correct for other styles such as wall claddings that use a vertical alignment. Road tile drain Override Material Override the reference object material, and apply a supplied one.

I thought it was weird, since the I have 3. Universal Hip - Mortar Fixing. You now have a Base Object and an empty RailClone object.

6 - How to use the library

Gutter Modular Ogee K. Update Manager came up, saying update available "Railclone" version 3.

Post and Rail 1. Streetlight 7 quad arm. Overview RailClone includes an extensive library of presets, but often you tailclone need to modify the built in styles or create your own.

Seat Stand 01 F. This window is used to set the properties for a library style.

Seaside Promenade Part one of this tutorial explains how to load a metal railing preset from the library and apply it to a spline Base Object. Alternate Thickness Panels - Vertical - 1. Built-in with arched top and fluting.

Welded Mesh Fence cm.

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