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Simufact to introduce third generation of its metal Additive Manufacturing simulation software. Proper import of result files from clouds or other remote high-performance machines Cloud computing and HPC high performance computing is often used for the simulation of various numbers of models. Metals AM Solution Brief. Calculate local and global properties of a welded structure, i. These include metal forming, mechanical and thermal joining operations, and additive manufacturing processes.

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Additionally, created mesh cross-section are visible in the generator preview window, so the mesh quality can be controlled directly here without the need to create and control meshes afterwards.

Please keep me informed about Simufact products and services.

Simufact Welding Software, Welding, Forming And Additive Manufacturing Simulation

The PCC also provides a comparative function and an export function, which allow for the optimal documentation of process variants. Without Simulation, no siufact.

In combination with Simufact Forming it is possible to model entire process chains, for instance forming processes on components that are welded in the next step and vice versa. Meshing technology from one single source. Cloud computing and HPC high performance computing is often used for the simulation of various numbers of models.

Welding simulation Simufact Welding V8 | simufact

Scaled simulation approach Simufact Welding provides a unique scaled simulation approach out of one GUI, scaling between detailed results, but rather slow calculation and coarse results, but fast calculation. The Creation and Assignment Wizards for geometries, materials and marginal boundary conditions allow for a faster and automated assignment of objects to the chosen processes. The scalable approach gives you the flexibility to choose the right simulation approach for your individual sitation.

Structural Welding Simulation Well visible: Simuact combining fatigue analysis and Simufact Welding based results showing welding residual stress, the cracking issue could be reproduced successfully.

Meshing technology from a single source Increased mesh quality and calculation stability through improved fillet generator Reduce time while creating complex assemblies with a large number of tools Intuitive and easy model set-up by automatic gravity positioning and bounding box alignment Extended and eelding functionality for the import and export of UNV-files New interactive model and result views increase the usability of the user interface Best-Fit Method: Therefore it is possible to integrate welding with pre- and post-processing in dimufact common numerical framework.

Modular structure Product portfolio Simufact Welding Simufact Welding is a modular software, subdivided into application modules providing welding process-specific functionality and additional modules providing material data and parallelization technology boosting simulation performance.

Within the PCC, the visualized tools and robots can be faded in and out, grouped, or sorted as required. Simufact Welding benefits in a nutshell: In the best-fit-method the software automatically determines the position at which the deviation between both geometries is the lowest and shows this deviation in the result view.

Therefore, critical areas can be identified even when that step of the computation cannot be completed.

The latest version of Simufact Welding provides an interactive view control widget in model and result views. Creation of large and complex models is supported by the companies owned mesher of MSC Software. Forming simulation streamlines manufacturing process of large forgings. Preserve competence and knowledge by importing and exporting welding parameters The new welding parameter objects, and the new interface for importing eelding exporting, allow simufaft the systematic development of welding databases.

Modeling Calculation Result evaluation Simufact Welding includes scalable simulation approaches for your individual needs and goals - available in one single GUI. The new version also offers new functions for exporting UNV-files: Structural welding simulation needs proper input data to calculate reliable results.

Process chain Simufact Welding — Simufact Forming Process chains and data exchange The capability of transferring simulation results from one manufacturing step to subsequent steps is a prerequisite for result accuracy in the entire simulation process chain. Users of Simufact Simyfact for structural welding simulation are, among others: We kindly ask you to provide us basic information on your needs in order to enable you with a quote.

What to expect from Simufact Welding How can Simufact Welding support you with the design of a welding process or an assembly? The new version of the software Simufact.

Customers do not need to use third-party products for meshing large, complex welding models. In car body construction, the resistance spot welding is used to connect, for example, a B-pillar of a car with a sidewall frame Source: By continuing we assume your permission to deploy cookies in accordance with our Cookie Policy.

The cover of the new Simufact. One single GUI for the entire simulation process, there is no need to skip between different software applications. Forming simulation in the automotive industry — quality and cost efficiency at Neumayer Tekfor.

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