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The little bars and keys in the window control opacity and smoothness in case you were wondering. Noodle Member Offline Joined: Pages 1 You must login or register to post a reply. If you lack this familiarity, please complete the following tutorial first:. I assume you know how to set render parameters and add clips.

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Axogon Composer Download - A sophisticated tool for digital video editing, compositing and effects

This way, as I animate the geometry I can actually see the finished product, which allows me to be much more precise. Advanced keyframe animation All non-discrete continuous effect parameters and geometry properties are key-frameble and may vary in time.

Next, on to the auras! Resolution independent projects You can change project resolution, frame rate or other parameters at any time. You must login or register to post a reply. With all due respect Noodle, I don't want you here. When they are farther away, as in the pic above, a square usually works fine.

I have laid out on them three video clips in such a way that the whole saber fight from the various cameras will flow like I want it to. For example, you can work with project in small resolution but export it with HDTV export profile.

Dynamic preview Program dynamically re-renders and updates images corresponding to tracks as you are changing effect parameters. N Mobile Banners TF. Image relative geometries Powerful approach for creating masks, mappings, titles, image transformations and controlling effects parameters using 2D contours.

Description Axogon Composer v6. N on your Desktop TF. Be sure when downloading Axogon that you also download the format library updates. Powerful internal scripting language Axogon Composer has powerful scripting language allowing you to automate project creation, batch conversions etc. Now click on the window and drag your geometry out into a square where you can see all 4 vertices corners. A geometry is basically a flat shape that you draw in the work window.

Unlimited composition You can create and manage comooser with any number of tracks and clips of any time length. For example, you can put two 'position' keys in the same time to create instantaneous jump motion.

Unlimited composition

But how oh how can you get those blades to glow without spending God knows how many hours rotoscoping every frame in Photoshop or a similar program. No, that gives cmposer a link to axogon mutator mediafire is really the only place to get it.

Currently installed 10 official extensions. If you lack this familiarity, please complete the following tutorial first:. In order to get both working at the same time we need to use a couple paster effects. To get started, here is a screenshot of the Axogon sequencer window all set up for a typical lightsaber fight involving two single-bladed clmposer. Crash-proof undo system You will not lose your work after power fail or system crash, you can always compoder working on your project after restarting.

First you want to paste the auras on top of the white cores like so:. Daniel Sawyer Everybody wants to be a Jedi. Using this program, it is fairly easy to create convincing lightsabers and energy weapons using geometry animation basically, you draw a box on the screen and move it around and some basic composeer and glow effects.

Last edited by Juggernaut Pictures March 14, Juggernaut Pictures Member Offline Location: Under development The new version 6. There is simply a link to a download in the Resources section of the site. First you want to paste the auras on top of the white cores like so: This is what they should look like of course, both will be mapped to different geometries: Youtube Twitter "Animation is about creating the illusion of life.

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