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Search form Search this site. Advanced Open-GL presentation and layout for publication. Creation of dendrograms including up to 20, database entries using product-moment Pearson correlation, cosine correlation, Dice or Nei and Li, Jaccard, Jeffrey's X, Ochiai and area sensitive relatives. Real-time rotation of coordinate system to enhance perception of 3-D structures.

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Modules and features of. Categorical coefficient for multi-state character data such as VNTR. Binary and quantitative band matching tables of multiple combined fingerprints per entry.

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Approved band-search algorithms with adjustable sensitivity for shoulder and double-band finding based on curve. Any selected information and experiment data for selections of entries from the database can be condensed into a Bundle. Advanced Open-GL presentation and layout for publication. Many different viewing options and statistical tools to facilitate interpretation. See also the detailed description of the network licensing system.

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Extensive anatomy and comparative quantification of bands between groups of patterns. Adjustable background subtraction using rolling disk method.

Network licenses are available for any number of users. Users must purchase the Basic database module and then choose from 4 analysis modules and a database sharing tools module. Extensive list of unique features GelCompar II offers an impressive list of unique advanced features, including phylogenetic and dimensioning algorithms, group verification methods, database quality control techniques, GLP and database protection tools, history recording, ODBC and SQL compatibility, database sharing tools, client-server database exchange over Internet, just to name a few.

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Bootstrap analysis for single or composite datasets, after creation of band class table in combination with Comparative Quantification module. Entry description by up to information fields, up to 80 characters long each. Creation of dendrograms including up to 20, database entries using product-moment Pearson correlation, cosine correlation, Dice or Nei and Li, Jaccard, Jeffrey's X, Ochiai and area sensitive relatives.

Possibility to find and mark uncertain bands. Contact us softwre details and pricing.

Distributorship Privacy policy License agreement. Different fingerprint type sets can be combined into one consensus clustering. Plotting of dendrogram branches on PCA for advanced grouping comparisons.

The relational database concept in GelCompar II makes it possible to link multiple electrophoresis fingerprints to the strains or samples studied, and generate multiphasic groupings and identifications with databases of unlimited size. Following the introduction of the concepts of polyphasic taxonomy [3] and the growing need to combine genotypicphenotypicelectrophoresis and sequence information, Applied Maths released in the software package BioNumerics which still today is a platform for the management, storage and statistical analysis of all types of biological data.

Please contact us to discuss which modules are needed or desirable for your particular applications and to receive the pricelist. Automatic display available tests for each input data type. Adjustable curve smoothing by ArithmeticMedian and Mode filters and Least Square filtering algorithms.

gelcojpar Foodborne Pathogens and Disease. News Company References Contact. On-screen normalization of TIFF images with indication of reliability and possible misalignments. Multi-database system, each database can contain many different fingerprint types. Search form Search this site. To ensure even higher security, the entire database connection and mapping settings file can be encrypted as well.

BioNumerics can analyse phenotypic characters and sequence data as well as gel data.

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Skip to main content. Automatic lane finding on images for all types of gels. Optional weighting based on number of characters or defined by the user.

Tree and Network Inference Methods.

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