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The female name Lejla is a traditional Arab name. The band, Hari Mata Hari, has constantly changed its members. Coincidentally, hari mata hari is Malay for 'day of the sun, or Sunday'. Bosnia and Herzegovina in the Eurovision Song Contest

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Hari sang the song for the first time in public and received a standing ovations. Hari Mata Hari, inreceived fifth place for the song kal tvojoj kosi In your hair ," and fourteenth place for the song "Nebeska kraljica" in in Belgrade.

It was released in - "Ne lomi me", "Emina", "Ja nemam snage da te ne volim" I don't have the strength to not love you"Gdje li si sada ljubavi" Where are you now love? Hari, together with Hanka Paldumrecorded the duet "Crni snijeg" Black snow in Inthe group played for seven days in Belgrade at the "Sava center". Their songs are among the most famous and popular love ballads in the former Yugoslavia era.

The collapse of Yugoslavia and the wars that ensued, left kaao mark in Hari Mata Hari's career. Views Read Edit View history. He then went to the Splitski festival.

Kao domine

The song " Lejla " Composer: By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. In with the song "Ruzmarin" Rosemarythat became an instant hit. Hari grew up in the Vratnik neighborhood of Sarajevo 's old town.

The lyrics are primarily written by Fahrudin Pecikoza - also known as Peco. Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina former Yugoslavia.

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Six days later, Hari hagi the song at his first stage appearance in Belgrade on the final evening of Evropesma Then inHari Mata Hari releases another album called Strah me da te volim I'm afraid to love you. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Dino Merlinwho was the runner up, was sent to Eurovision instead and received seventh place.

It uses styles of sevdah and local traditional instruments. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The video ends with the Stari Mostthe older part of uari city, in the background. The song received its name through on-line voting with votes, other name ideas were "Zar bi mogla ti drugog voljeti?

Retrieved from " https: Their album ofNe bi te odbranila do,ine cijela Jugoslavija, Not even all of Yugoslavia could defend you was voted as the best album of the year, and Jugovision, the national competition for Eurovisionannounced them as the candidate for Yugoslavia.

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However, he was disqualified due to an issue with the song's status. This page was last edited on 1 Januaryat For other uses, see Mata Hari disambiguation. Bosnia and Herzegovina in the Eurovision Song Contest It is said the title refers to a popular Bosnian song fromwhen a song called "Lejla" was the Yugoslavian entry to the Eurovision Song Contest. The group originated from the city of Sarajevothe capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

It was recorded in several areas of Herzegovina: In other projects Wikimedia Commons.

This album was made only by Hari and Izo, the rest of doomine group would not reunite until They returned to the music scene with a greatest hits album called Ja nemam snage da te ne volim I don't have the strength to not love you. Coincidentally, hari mata hari is Malay for 'day of the sun, or Sunday'.

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