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Aside from working with notable artists outside the country, Slapshock also worked with Xander Angeles photographer and Team Manila for the album artwork who have also done many projects with the band. His Blog is known for breaking news on new projects in TV, Movies and reviews of products, hotels and awesome travel tips. Get the album below for free. With Kinse Kalibre, the band has once again found a place for reinvention, created a multi-layered and genre-smashing album set to cater more to our local market. MTB 1 and 2.

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Not only did the band stick together, but they also have remained with the same management, label OctoArts which later became Polyeast Records and sponsors Red Horse Beer and Dickies throughout the years.

Ngayon Na is just one of the tracks from Kinse Kalibre, which has an impressive album artwork designed by Team Manila. Slapshock Fifteen minutes of fame was what Andy Warhol said that each of us would have. His Blog is known for breaking news on new projects in TV, Movies and reviews of products, hotels and awesome travel tips. Slapshock's Kinse Kalibre strikes kaliibre featuring their hit single "Ngayon Na" a tagalog song was lead by Jamir of Slapshock sung in Filipino language.

Slapshock released their seventh studio album called Kinse Kalibre all kinnse line-up songs written by Jamir Garcia. Jejemon Dictionary Jejemon Tagalog pronunciation: The band have proved strongly that loud modern heavy rock music could be good, and have established Slapshock as one of the most important and biggest bands of the last two decades.

Post Pagination Next Post Next. Share with your friends! Speaking of nice, the members of Slapshock were indeed just that: The lineup consists of Fr Lee Nadela and RAd.

And to celebrate this milestone, the band came up with their seventh studio album entitled Kinse Kalibre released under Polyeast Records.

Putting the album for a few spins made me realize that I underestimated them as well. People who supported us from the very beginning are still the same people around us up to this moment. February 27, kalinre 6: When the band signed their first record deal in with OctoArts now Polyeast Recordsthere was no denying they were original—original sound, original brand of songwriting, original heavy rock songs being replayed for years.

RAd the music blog: Slapshock's Kinse Kalibre Press Launch

For fifteen years, the band has stuck together and they credit it to the respect that the members have for each other. The Youth - Pirata The Youth finally the come back! This album consists of 12 rocking tracks, song lists are listed down also there is a download link where you can get the download for free and s,apshock just giving some appreciation by creating a short feedback below as a sign of appreciation.

The Youth - Pirata Around this time, Slapshock performed at a number of high profile events, big-time endorsements, bagged numerous awards and sold thousands of albums in and out of the country. And this will make me rethink if ever I find myself hesitating over checking out music that is beyond my comfort zone.

Asal demonyo-slapshock KINSE KALIBRE Chords - Chordify

Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser. How did they make kxlibre When they emerged inwe knew what to expect from them.

Welcome to my OPM Music page. It turns out that he also watches PPO concerts regularly.

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Kinse Kalibre by Slapshock. In the Line of Fire. Posted by Joe Torres at 4: An Eraserheads Tribute Album. The youth will jalibre releasing their 5th album hopefully this year!

Newer Post Older Post Home. But as always, I am open to all music types and genres and the people at Polyeast Records are a nice bunch so I decided to go for it.

New upcoming band "Nairud sa Wabad" in the house!

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