Activation of mitochondrial calcium-independent phospholipase A2gamma iPLA2gamma by divalent cations mediating arachidonate release and production of downstream eicosanoids. HS analyzed genotyping data from custom chips across breeds. Familial relationships, genotypes and haplotype structure of animal W and its progeny. Cell Mol Life Sci. The principal components of the UAR-matrix were determined in R [ 29 ].

Consequently, scanning populations for the common haplotype is not sufficient for Weaver diagnosis and needs to be complemented by other analyses. Consequently, this result was questioned by some breeders and breeding organizations. Normal sensorium and spinal reflexes are maintained throughout the course of the disease while affected animals progressively lose control over their hind quarters until they become recumbent and have to be euthanized for animal welfare reasons [ 5 , 7 ]. Indirect diagnosis by SNP-based imputation and haplotype analysis [ 23 ] suggested that in spite of the exclusion of high-risk breeding animals and complete absence of Weaver cases over the last two decades, some of the animals used in current breeding programs could be Weaver carriers. Furthermore, this haplotype analysis clearly excluded the above-mentioned secondary peak as a positional candidate region for Weaver syndrome see Additional file 2:

Frequencies of the deleterious Weaver allele as high as 6. Finally, a variance component analysis hubert pausch dissertation the midpoint of each of the SNP sliding windows was conducted using ASReml [ 33 ]. Association of genetic defects with yield and type traits: Estimating lethal allele frequencies in complex pedigrees via gene dropping approach using the example of Brown Swiss cattle.

Ultrastructural hubert pausch dissertation in Brown Swiss cattle affected with bovine progressive degenerative myeloencephalopathy Weaver syndrome. Weaver carrier status effects on yield in German Brown cattle.

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Swiss Association for Animal Sciences. Overall, the results of our analyses largely agree with the findings of McClure et al. Comparison of the KASP signal intensities of hubert pausch dissertation confirmed Weaver carriers and animal W revealed significant differences.

hubert pausch dissertation A genetic test for detection of carriers became available in when Georges et al. All Weaver-affected animals were homozygous at this SNP haplotype, whereas animals designated as Weaver carriers carried only one copy of the haplotype.


Genotyping for the candidate causal mutation in a random sample of current Braunvieh animals suggested a frequency of the Weaver allele of 0. A case of unrelated hubert pausch dissertation in cattle.

A missense mutation in 3 – ketodihydrosphingosine reductase FVT1 as candidate causal hubert pausch dissertation for bovine spinal muscular atrophy. Benedict Arnold, Hubert pausch dissertation Hero: Google Scholar Fiedler A. British Strategy in the War of American Independence. Charles, and John R.

Indirect diagnosis by SNP-based imputation and haplotype analysis [ 23 ] suggested that in spite of the exclusion hubert pausch dissertation high-risk breeding animals and complete absence of Weaver cases over the last two decades, some of the animals used in current breeding programs could be Weaver carriers. Blood chimerism hubert pausch dissertation the coexistence of blood cell lines with two different genotypes in one organism [ 43 ] and is a phenomenon often observed in twin cattle [ 44 ].

In Germany, the occurrence of Weaver syndrome reached its peak between and with more than 20 cases documented by the Institute of Veterinary Pathology of the Hubert pausch dissertation LMU Muenchen in alone; the exact number is probably even larger because of unknown cases due to misdiagnoses and inconsistent reporting. HS analyzed genotyping data from custom chips across breeds. German Society for Animal Production e.

Hubert pausch dissertation, in some cases, in-depth pedigree analyses of such potential carriers did not identify any confirmed Weaver carrier ancestors, which can be explained by: Although the fine-mapping approach that was used by McClure et al. This only compatible variant is a missense mutation p. Instead, we used blood and DNA samples that were available from studies performed during the late s and early s for hubert pausch dissertation.

In order to fine map the Weaver locus, a combined linkage disequilibrium and linkage cLDLA method equivalent to that proposed by Meuwissen et al. Inherited disorders in Danish cattle.

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Since we did not identify any common histopathological pattern, i. Homepage Hubert pausch dissertation Content Sitemap Search.

Hubert Pausch has a forward-looking vision of customized livestock breeding. List of publications at Google Scholar. Hessians of Nova Scotia Hamilton, nd.

Weaver carriers were identified by progeny-testing hubert pausch dissertation required that an animal had to have at least two Weaver-affected offspring with proven ancestry to be declared an official carrier of the Hubert pausch dissertation syndrome.

Sequence data from Run4 of the bull genomes project [ 38 ] were exploited to identify candidate causal mutations for Weaver syndrome in Braunvieh cattle. The confidence interval 0. A unified approach to genotype imputation and haplotype-phase inference for large data sets of trios and unrelated individuals.

Wilhelm Schaumann Foundation Dr. Cell Mol Life Sci.

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This interval was concordant hubert pausch dissertation the common haplotype that was identified in parallel by manually scanning genotypes of affected animals confirmed by all three diagnostic steps for regions of homozygosity surrounding the main and secondary LRT peak on BTA4.

IR and DS coordinated genotyping of samples and provided data. Fine mapping of a quantitative trait locus for twinning hubert pausch dissertation using combined linkage and linkage disequilibrium mapping.