Why is it important to comply? Making facility managers confident The revised version of the Standard closes loopholes, makes the requirements clearer and provides greater guidance for designers, manufacturers and installers. You may require this Standard if you work or employ people to work on a building or permanent structure, such as a platform, walkway, stairs or ladders. In Victoria, exemptions to the fall prevention regulations are available for workplaces that meet AS

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The test checks the flex in the steps. Occupational health and safety regulations impose a duty on employers to take steps to limit the risk of falls at the workplace. Clearing the confusion over revised He was involved in the drafting of the new Standard.

Staircases, rung ladders and step-type ladders are used for maintenance access to machinery and to higher levels like roofs and mezzanines Image 3. What does it do for safety?

AS - Standards Australia

This Fall Prevention Standard is used extensively to ensure that operating, inspection, maintenance and servicing personnel who are required to work at heights are granted safe access. Rung, step and tread tests The strength test shows how much the tread or rung will deflect permanently and temporarily after a load is applied to the centre of the surface.

Australian Standard AS for fixed ladders, platforms and walkways is one of the most widely read and referenced Australian safety standards of all time and its revised version has been a long time coming. Staircase testing The tread test involves applying a one to 1. Being safety-critical equipment, the importance of consistency and reliability during the manufacturing process can hardly be overstated.

Midway landing systems in a ladder system can limit the distance a person could fall when correctly positioned.

Standards Catalogue

The staircase cannot deflect more than one percent of the length with a maximum of 40 millimetres deflection — a sign that it is rigid. This means that a guardrail ladder may face multiple tests for different applications. The updates are relatively minor however they will certainly provide clarity where AS Test reports Appendix E of the Standard prescribes the elements of a test report.

Choose Your Style Slider Ae1657 This duty does not apply in respect of tasks undertaken on a1657 of a building or structure that: Fire safety and your facility He can be contacted at carls workplaceaccess.

What you need to know about AS | Anchor Safe

WorkSafe Victoria Opens in new window. It is all very well that equipment meets the manufacturing benchmarks, but it must also meet all the stringent on-site tolerances and fixing methods to be AS compliant and safe.

Third-party certification schemes offer consumers and businesses independent confidence that equipment actually complies with Australian Standards. While a one kiloNewton load is applied to staircases narrower than 1.

Labelling and certification requirements A special section of AS is dedicated to labelling and identification requirements that allow the user to identify the fabricator, design and installer of the equipment and ae1657 limitations. CodeMark complements the StandardsMark scheme, pairing manufacturing with installation. Eight tests ensure fixed ladders can sustain the loads.

Pedestrian surfaces like rungs, treads, steps, platform floors, landing surfaces and walkways must now meet the minimum R10 requirement for outdoor surfaces under Australian Standard AS slip resistance classification of new pedestrian surface materials. Please consult the responsible agency for more information and to ascertain the level of compliance if any that may be required. It details how to ensure visibility over the testing, such as test forces, testing devices and the methodology adopted to test the equipment.

Despite being released more than a year back Octoberconfusion still reigns regarding its key changes.

AS1657: Clearing the confusion over revised fall prevention standards

Why ws1657 it important to comply? Carl Sachs is the managing director of Workplace Access and Safety. Moreover, the entire assembly needs to withstand a load of 2. The AS testing regime provides a sound mechanism for measuring the performance of the safety products it describes: The requirement for inspection and ongoing testing of the equipment is also to be included, along with compliance statements.

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