Several new entries have been added in the FAQ thanks to Dr. Eigenvectors and eigenvalues are readily interpreted and can be used to build habitat-suitability maps. We focus on leveraging mobile technology to enhance value chai…. Journal of Biogeography, 30,

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Journal of Biogeography, 30, Uploaded a new version of Biomapper 4. Computing bimoapper Ecological Niche Factor Analysis and exploring its output. Like in the PCA, the extracted factors are totally by construction uncorrelated but in this case they have biological signification: However, in some cases, it can be correct and useful.

Marine Ecology Progress Series Also, I reordered them from the latest to the oldest so that the newest get a chance to be seen too. Environmental Management32 Added the new paper by Reutter et al.

Biomapper tool

It is now much easier to save and load cross-validation results. Pre-release of Biomapper 4. Biomapper 3 has been compiled with Borland Delphi 6 was Delphi 4 for Biomapper 2. European Conference of Ecological Modelling.

Martin Raphael Improvements to the median algorithm devised by Veronika Braunish The possibility to pilot R from Biomapper and conduct GLM analyses if by miracle you happen to have put your hands on reliable absences Procedures to test and control for misleading presences found in sink habitat devised by Nicolas Titeux. The first factor extracted maximizes the marginality of the focal species, defined as the ecological distance between the species optimum and the mean habitat within the reference area.

Biological Conservation, You should receive a confirmation message in a few minutes. It will be dedicated to Biomapper- and ENFA-related topics, as well as to general questions biomapoer spatial ecology modelling. It is about the process of evaluating presence-only models with the continuous Boyce index.

Biomapper working

Biomapperians will be informed by mail when they will be available. Created a new page where I isolated my list of publications. Downloadable from the bibliography page, section "Reports" Added a couple of new entries in the FAQ page. The standard way of setting a species map by putting a red dot next to its name in the work-map list still works and merges smoothly with the new way.

Ecological Modelling Scolytidae species in Spain. Fixed a few bugs in the cross-validation module problems with low sample sizes.

The help file mentions for the first time the existence of the wiki-Biomapper http: One new publication on the bibliography page: Journal of Applied Ecology, 44 6 For other work and more information please look at: There are two kind of operations you will want to do: CTA is funded by bionapper European Union. Environmental correlates for species richness among amphibians and reptiles in a climate transition area.

A contribution to assess the conservation status of Vipera latastei. You can now visualize the species ecological niche in 2D in the environmental space you select which factors you want to display.

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