Drama vanila coklat

So childish bicker number.. And guess what, though he is rushing for the exam, he even had the time to flirt with a girl whom he can't even recall the right name and yes, he did give her chocolates, too. Later on we're introduced with Amir's father - one rich Dato' who's having a time with the press with regards to his donation for the benefits of animal or is it birds?

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Instead of being sorry he laughed it off. Zara's dad is a doctor and the cpklat do have quite a strong bond. Dato' Ahmad told her wife about the call he received from his best friend and how both him and his best friend will proceed on executing the agreed plan they had on the future of their children.

Heated by the earlier incident, Amir starts on calling Zara names and one of them is 'parrot'. She's not fond of animal, at all Dato'. Zara is absolutely not fond of the word 'together' that Kamal used to describe their relationship since secondary school.

Vanila Coklat Aamir dukung Zara

He's one handsome and rich guy or rather, a son of a rich guy in this story. She's brutally honest and outspoken with her friends and even with her boyfriend, Kamal. To speak the truth, I didn't fall in love with this drama immediately after its pilot episode was aired because:.

Amir is always late to class and such attitude ticked off Zara who hates it when the class being disturbed. When asked about his favourite bird, his answer is 'parrot'. While her friends being all giddy to see Amir in the same cafeteria they're at, Zara tried walking away only to end up bumping into Amir and got her drinks spilled onto his shirt.

This time their argument hits up another notch as Amir aside of been calling her names, throwing barbs at and insulting her, he coklzt sneered at Kamal's taste on women since Kamal's so smitten to Zara.

She sincerely apologised at first but after being greeted with his demeaning look, she later spilled the remaining of her drinks onto him on purpose. But the problem is, how to ask the royal colat herself of the idea on being married early. But sadly the first episode doesn't have that strong pull towards me as I fell asleep halfway through it okay, I admit it was probably largely contributed by the tired me who got off work late that night lol.

Datin Dalila loves to cook, thinks that she cooks well and loves the compliments about the food she prepares. It's been 3 freaking years.

Vanila Coklat Aamir dukung Zara - video dailymotion

Pardon me for that. So childish bicker number. Driving a posh car, with a tall, lean and handsome figure - so we get it. Zara and Kamal on the coklatt hand are having a heated argument since Kamal called her 'lioness' earlier and now addressing and advising on her hot-tempered issue.

She is just 19 and she doesn't wish to think about marriage at all. Oh wait, there's no need for that since he himself coilat already a beast.

Zara almost got a retribution moment against Amir canila she reported to the lecturer about Amir's act of cheating in the exam but he got away with it a believable explanation on how he accidentally brought in the notes into the class. I finally found this blog and remembered the password! Whoopsie Kamal, that's highly alarming - she is not so into you.

He still wants the plan to be smoothly executed. Yes, I did judge the drama at first by it's cheesy title! Thus I gave the drama a second chance by skipping straight to episode 5 and I regret nothing.

Getting off the car with his backpack on his back and a camera bag and looking all preppy - I like.

clouds in da sky: Drama recap: Vanila Coklat Ep. 1

She hates it when her boyfriend waits for her So I've decided to have this place revived, and yes I shall post whatever things I feel like dumping in here. Newer Post Older Post Home. The title does remind me of 'Soda and Iced Tea' - a Cokpat drama which I absolutely love with the same premise as Vanila Coklat but hey, at least the title 'Soda and Iced Tea' is not that cheesy!

Episode 1 starts off with dramx plain looking, with a strong bookwoorm-ish feel - female lead Zara Aisyah played by Izara Aisyah looking all ready and determined to start her day at the college

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