Evasi0n 1.5.5

By using a free program called Evasi0n, which is currently at version 7. If using Windows, right-click the. If you aren't sure, head to Apple's site , download, and install the latest version.

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Users with iPhone 4 and older devices powered by the A4 processor has another method for jailbreak with sn0wbreeze but for those with the latest iOS devices has to use Evasi0n only.

The team promises better boot time with Evasi0n 1. By using a free program called Evasi0n, which is currently at version 7.

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How to Jailbreak Your iPhone With Evasi0n

Check that your iPhone is running iOS version 7. You should see Cydia as an icon on your home screen if it worked.

Email Name Firstname Comment. I heard that wil mess it up, no? It should say 7.

Download evasi0n jailbreak

If you remember in our iOS untethered jailbreak tutorial we said that the boot time will take a lot of time so be patient and evas0n the tool work, well here is the fix for it. Double click the file inside the new folder that has appeared to open Evasi0n. What We Want From Apple. If it doesn't, please update to that version if you are under it and it's the latest version. Evasi0n untethered Jailbreak tutorial — The steps are same for all version but this version will take less time as compared to the previous versions.

Unlock the device's screen when asked by Evasi0n. Smartphone Buying Guide Tap the Evasi0n app icon on the home screen of your device.

How to Jailbreak Your iPhone With Evasi0n | Evasi0n7 Application | Laptop Mag

If using Windows, double click the. If you are above that number i. January evxsi0n, at If you are curious what awesome things you can do now that you're jailbroken, head to TheUnlockr's jailbreak tweaks section for tons of videos on how to utilize your new found freedom.

Cydia is evaxi0n largest site for downloading special jailbroken apps. Apple might be getting serious with its 4K TV project. The Evasi0n jailbreak tool has been a huge hit among Apple users for untethered jailbreaking their iOS devices, after months of wait evad3rs released the untethered jailbreak tool with support for iOS 6 all the way up to iOS 6.

By jailbreaking aka gaining administrative rights to your iPhone, you can open up a whole world of possibilities for your handset. Enter in your current password if necessary to confirm the change.

Download evasi0n jailbreak

You must also have the latest version of iTunes installed. You can track versions of jailbreak tool through out download page, always download the latest version of any tool you use. Evad3rs the team behind iOS 6 untethered jailbreak tool Evasi0n has upgraded the jailbreak software to version 1.

If evais0n Windows, right-click the.

If you aren't sure, head to Apple's sitedownload, and install the latest version. From adding themes to your iPhone, to using the fingerprint scanner on your iPhone 5S to automatically filling in passwords for you in websites and more, jailbreaking is the first step.

Click Jailbreak in Fvasi0n.

Download the latest version of the jailbreaking program from Evasi0n. What We Want From Apple 3. We'll be illustrating the steps to use on a Mac, but even these work the same even if you have a PC.

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