Kupuji kau dengan rock and roll

Take Thy throne, and in Thy Zion reign alone. O God, my God, wherefore dost Thou Forsake me utterly? For He despiseth not the poor, He hideth not away His countenance when they do call, But hears them when they pray, Among the folk that fear the Lord, I will therefore proclaim Thy praise, and keep my promise made For setting forth Thy Name.

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All will then the trumpet hear; All will see the Judge appear; Thou by all wilt be confessed, God in man made manifest. O, bintang pandu yang cerah, bintang Raja mulia. Terang Ilahi berseri, yang dari sorga diberi; harganya paling mahal.

Tell anew His high salvation, With each new return of day. Allahku pun terharulah melihatku melarat; Ia mengingat rahmatNya dan ingin 'ku selamat; berpaling Ia padaku dengan anugerah penuh, berkurban yang termahal. Who would not our great Sovereign fear?

Segala sesuatu ditanggung Tuhanmu. From sea to sea, from shore to shore, Be thou, O Christ, adored, And earth with all her millions shout Hosannas to the Lord! Thee would we worship and adore, Thy Name extol forevermore. Before Him, on the mountains, shall peace, the herald, go, And righteousness, in fountains, from hill to valley flow.

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Percuma perbuatanku, niatku sudah salah; durhaka keinginanku, melawan hukum Allah. K'lak tampak wajahNya, Kupuji kuasaNya dan menyanyikan rahmatNya selamanya. Let us love our God supremely, let us love each other, too; Let us love and pray for sinners, till our God makes all things new.

Sing to the Lord a song of joy and praise!

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They say I shall some day be like Him, My cross and my burden lay down; Till then I will ever be faithful, In gathering gems for His crown. Be Thy glorious name adored.

O let that glorious anthem swell, Let host to host the triumph tell, Till not one rebel heart remains, But over all the Savior reigns! If but in part His anger rise, Who can endure the flame? Like lions gaping to devour, When God had left Him in their power.

Lord, Thy mercies never fail! Mzm 1 Tim 6: How beautiful the union Kuupji souls redeemed and free, Who hold with God communion In faith and purity!

All people that on earth anf dwell, Sing to the Lord with cheerful voice. Wherefore do the nations rage, And the people vainly dream, That in triumph they can wage War against the Lord supreme?

Before our faith they fall; Jesus hath died for you and me; Believe, and conquer all! When priests and prophets called on God, He their petitions heard; His cloudy pillar led them on, And they obeyed His Word. O to draw back the grim curtains of night, One glimpse of Jesus and all will be bright! Refrain Bring, merrily bring, voices and hearts to join the song, Sing, merrily sing, raising a chorus full and strong; Ring, merrily ring, echoing bells from Heaven ring!

Dalam hati dan mulut dan tangan dengan kasih, dengan kebenaran datanglah KerajaanMu; kar'na Kaulah empunya semua, demi Kristus umatMu berdoa: Bow down before Him, His glory proclaim; With gold of obedience, and incense of lowliness, Kneel and adore Him: Daughters of Zion, come, behold The crown of honor and of gold Which the glad church, with joys unknown, Placed on the head of Solomon.

Mzm ; Mzm (Himne) - Tampilan Daftar Ayat - Alkitab SABDA

But I am now become more like A worm than to a man, An outcast, whom the people scorn With all the spite they can. Forever in my thought the Lord Before my face shall stand, Secure, unmoved, I shall remain, With Him at my right hand.

Behold the islands with their kings, And Europe her best tribute brings; From north to south the princes meet, To pay their homage at His feet. O pohon elok dan megah, berhias merah mulia, terpilih agar dahanmu, menjamah tubuh Rajaku. The glory of the spring how sweet! He placed my feet upon the Rock, The only sure foundation; He shows me wonders of His grace, The blessings of salvation.

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