Map 6.78 dota

Maybe a Item with global repercution would be nice for supporters: Nerfing the regen would've been far worse. You would just have a full team doing nothing but stacking neuts and protecting Medusa's farm for most of the game. Then whenever you pressed the button again it would fly after that person. Purposely getting stunned for 3 seconds is not worth avoiding a spell in most cases.

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DotA c Changelog. Get the map now on! : DotA2

Firefly isn't enough to kill the Satyr camp, and the healer camp does well against it too. Hand of skadi or bite of skadi.

He could still use a buff like helix goes off reliably after 12 hits with no spin and have a str gain of at least 3 he has 2. And pls remake Sven's 3rd Skill and make hs ss more Stronger Small numbers tweaks in between big patches.

He hasn't been the same for months. Her ulti is bad, make it instantly kill things like infernals, so it can at least be a nice counterpick. I always felt that naix was practically untouched by the nerfs, his slow is a bit more annoying to land but nothing has lost its power in the laning phase if he has someone with a set up CC slow or disable for him to close the gap, chasing a bit harder but really cant deal with a phase drums life stealer with rage up sticking to you.

It wasn't the right kind of retarded.

I'm a bit worried towards tree's nerf, he literally only has 1 good skill and nerfing it even through slightly might make him not being picked anymore. Eota think people are really underestimating the power of those consecutive picks in the first round and the first pick after the bans. People shunned him, but Icefrog always gave him love and care. Although, I fully agree he needs to be nerfed: I would not have thought this.

The skill itself is great for engagements. Gyro's is also pretty big. It may not seem like a lot, but it xota.

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If so please link it! Point is he still needs to attack something with the short range and if he is closer to the enemy team then he is easier to kill. Are you daamn stupid?

Oh mid is actually winnable now? With gyro's base movement speed ofit will now take him.

Version 6.78

They need to buff his other spells and keep living armour not ridiculous. Include doom bringer, barathrum, lycan, traxex, treant, tuskar, phoenix, legion commander, axe in the list of auto bans.

Razors a pretty cute pick since whenever you get astral'd OD gets purged and static links mana cost is tiny. He can still be annoying to lane against, but not an automatic win anymore.

Then it was remade so that it became an amazingly useful, versatile skill. This wasn't fun to watch. Yeah I'm not sure what the Rage nerf is going to do. Up to IceFrog it'd be cool if you add some new heroes as well as new items. Submit a new text post.

Nerfing the regen would've been far worse. It nerfs him without completely breaking him, though. A hero revolving around the mastery of deception the fact that his Morphs take the exact same damage a normal player would and shifting from tankiness to damage dealing and back and forth.

He was just a human that was turned into a venomous freak, so he isn't really using magic is he? Ya but the dofa is you'll need a fast ticking dot in every lane against a treant to stand a chance, whereas you only needed 1 or dta on your team against a TA.

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