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So try to get the codes for free tongue. Register a new account. You have reposted this 5 times and it is very unfair that you are earning credits for all these posts.

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A large amount of files edited. Com for the site URL. Email me at metalyard att gmail. Mail some times screws up and stops workingstats money and much more is just givin with out notice.

Email me or post here. Tagi dla tego watku mccodes.

Php and the add city in the script DO NOT work at all so unless you are into coding dollars would be a lot of cash to spend on ver 2. Sign in Already have an account? Posted June 15, Things you will be getting: As it progresses, then you will need to enchance the game even more with MCcodes. A layout system feature has been added so layouts can be added, edited and changed using the staff panel.

If youd like to check out mcodes site it will be up Friday probably.

Is the MCcodes v2 code better than lite?

You can adjust your cookie settingsotherwise we'll assume you're okay to continue. I own a web site with mccodes ver 2.

What you need to install MCcodes game to work: Posted May 19, Serwis jak i administracja mmoct. Register a new account. Narzedzia watku Wersja do druku Wyslij na email… Subskrybuj ten watek…. Posted February 14, Gives you codes for Text Mdcodes Games.

You will be able to download the source code from our Customer Area after purchase is completed. My Add cities works fine also donater.

I have the mysql all set up to where I need to install the crons and I was wondering where to install them because I'm using windows and don't see a "cPanel" file.

Mccodes V2 Download Free

Posted June 8, I'm already setting up a site for my game which I plan to call Metalyard Online Masz pytanie zadaj je w odpowiednim temacie na forum. Go To Topic Listing Programming. You are only purchasing a license to utilise the mcocdes to create a game - the code does not legally belong to you, only the license to use it.

Create an account or sign in to comment You need to be a member in order to leave a comment Create an account Sign up for a new account in our community. May I point out that the donator.

Hotfile Download Linki sponsorowane demo: A support period of 30 days is offered. As a side note, I removed all of his re-posts and gave him a warning, if you see unfair posting like that Sign up mccods a new account in our community.

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