Turkojan 4.0

Here are just a few examples of perfectly legal uses of computer activity monitoring tools. We suggest you to buy Turkojan Private Edition. It mentioned that you need a router to forward ports. What IP do I type in the Turkojan then? You can get detailed information about forwarding ports from here.

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Turkojan 4.0 Released!

Since RAT's are Remote administration tools, does turkohan mean that once I gain access to the victim's com, they can't control it? Close your antivirus software and try again. There are many situations when monitoring the computer activity is perfectly legal: Your name or email address: Will it bypass firewall on its own or we have to set it up for firewall go-through?

You can get detailed information about forwarding ports from here.

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Turkojan is a really small and efficient application. Anything that you download is not my fault and damage of such to your PC is not my fault viewing the rest of this topic you hereby accept that you have read theses rules and that you if your PC gets damage in anyway i will not take any responsibilities for tur,ojan actions. Turkojaj, when there's a destructive feature i. The vast majority of its developer is law-abiding person who create his programs exclusively for legitimate purposes.

Do you already have an account? It depends on the way you use them.

Aug turoojan, Messages: UnitedAug 15, BhullarzAug 2, By continuing to use this site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. What IP do I type in the Turkojan then? Jul 12, Messages: Nomination for article of the month for July Even i didn't change it, i just keep the default portbut when testing, the port can made it i heard about forwarding?

Jun 27, Messages: So anyway since I'm a noob at hacking, I went read up some on port forwarding. So does that mean I need to buy a router to use Turkojan? Nov 15, Messages: If you are in doubt, consult your lawyer.

Oficial Trojan: Dawnload Turkojan

So your antivirus software could prevent downloading it. How can I choose to let them control the computer while silently spying on them? Log in or Sign up.

So you need to add these files into achieve. System Manager Home Page: I have a splitter tho. Wouldn't that make the servers unable to reach? You will not notice any decrease of performance of your computer.

I wud lik to noe some stuff. Your gurkojan software can label Turkojan Public Edition as unwanted application,so we suggest you to uninstall your antivirus software.

But how bout the IP thingy? Used the turkojan's port tester.

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