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Add Thread to del. If you have some doubts please check the Help option attached to the software. Image 6 General Information View , detail about the games and hard-disc capacity used. This game name will be renamed lately with other name, staying this name free for a new game, which lately in the next recovery will appear for sure.

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Tips with two easy steps to remove USBUTIL V2.0 FULL (ENGLISH).EXE file.

We will explain some cases to have an idea of the obtained result. If you have some doubts please check the Help option engish to the software. Every time USBUtil has to recover a game, it must generate a name and its CRC, it must be also unique inside the file directory where the game will be recovered.

Allows to restore missing spaces due to incomplete games, games whcih stayed keeping space after being erased so common with USBExtreme or parts of the games which couldnt be recovered. Allows to organize the gamne list in memory and in disc, the configuration files ul. USBUtil intends that your work should be as clean as posible, and this option is a cleaning complement for anything which can remain in disc, no fear in using it but be careful, never write.

This game name will be renamed lately with other name, staying this name free for a new game, which lately in the next recovery will appear for sure.

Friends from my country: Image 3 Screen of USBUtil with a game list already loaded in memorycheck also all the information given for each game, this version was completed with extra fast information, which is shown clicking on the name of the game of the list.

The software needs to work the game files already created with the configuration file ul.

Download USBUtil v2.00 Full [English version].rar

If the indicator says Yes, next step for recovery will be accessible, all this process runs fast, but the analysis inside it is a little bit more complicated. What does USBUtil do when the configuration files ul.

Help Options The help options are: For more deatils check image 5. Also you need to know that if there is no space no operation will be allowed.

Uebutil 6 General Information Viewdetail about the games and hard-disc capacity used. For details check image 2 and forward Image 1 Open Games optionwe just search for the ul. If you need help, post engllsh question in the forums, not my PM inbox. This will be indicated inside the [ ] of all the completed parts; for example [], there are no dots so we know that the field for this game was altered inside its ul. The already concerted games can be copied or saved in any destination with enough capacity.

Last Jump to page: The other indicator is Destination Space which indicates the availabity of space inside destination, USBUtil indicates automatically the availabity of space inside destination, if there is not enough space the user will be informed.

Join Date Aug Location S. The names of the games will be added by alphabetical order and automatically copied to the disc.

The time now is Here you are all the options available for USBUtil ver 1. The incomplete games will not be recovered and in order to obtain them a re-installation will be required.

How can we solve this issue?

Flul details check imagens 1 and 3. Modification option follows the same way, but it allows to modificate the existing content, and about Erase and Close, one allows to erase a name from the game list for this option and the other close and exit to the main menu.

Alejandro, Leonardo, Amaury, Pedro and the rest, their opinions and commenta have been really useful. The last help option, List of some games is very important, vv2.00 ayou will know which games will run and which not and also you can keep a record about your own results, thta will be useful to keep working time in the future.

You can also create games for any platform using ISOs or game backups this option concerns the possibility of keeping the biggest amount of compatibility, due to with USBExtreme directly from disc some games are imposible to run but they from ISO they do, that option will make us to save the time we spent converting the game two times.

[NEW] USBUtil REV [BETA] - Page 2

What does USBUtil need to work? Greetings First of all to SceneSpain, because across this web the software will reach you all.

For more detail check image 8. Keep up the great work.

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