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Also, you are going to want to have the iPad connected via Wi-Fi; 3G and 4G just don't have the same robustness of a Wi-Fi connection for remote access. Beyond using the keyboard, Win8 Metro Testbed gives users access to all of Windows 8's multitouch gestures. We also noted a bit of lag when switching between Windows applications, though nothing close to the issues we noticed while running Chrome. Windows 10 What will you get with a Microsoft consumer subscription? The latency between executing a command from the iPad and the resulting action on the desktop was barely a second.

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The Splashtop Streamer includes the option to connect the Windows 8 client to a Google account, so that you can create a remote connection over the Internet. It's free to download from Splashtop's website and easy to install. Severe performance hit trying to access virtual Windows 8 machines.

Run Windows 8 On Your Apple iPad Using Win8 Metro Testbed App

The latency between executing a command from the iPad and the resulting action on the desktop was barely a second. The company also enabled you to connect over the Web via your Gmail account.

Currently, the app only works on Apple's iPad, a decision Splashtop said was motivated by the sheer number of developers with access to the device. Windows 8's keyboard and Splashtop's customized iPad keyboard.

Win8 Metro Testbed has a clumsy name but offers a terrific remote experience. The streamer acts as an agent to make the remote connection from the iPad to the Windows 8 PC.

The version I tested is 1. I have five suggestions on how CEO Satya Nadella and his teams can keep customers happy and make money in Meet the new Microsoft Phone, powered by Android No Windows required Over the past few testbex, Microsoft has embraced the Android operating system with surprising enthusiasm.

It does not support the Windows 8 touch gestures, and testbwd gives very wonky performance connecting to a Windows 8 machine.

Microsoft's much-hyped free upgrade offer for Windows 10 ended inright? I was so comfortable using a remote session of Windows 8 from the iPad, that I was able to type notes for this review in Windows 8 while testing. Plus, those who would be inclined to want such a scenario are probably geeky enough to have a desktop or two they can easily throw Windows 8 on and try.

How do you test touch features without a iap, touch-capable device built for Windows 8?

By default, the app will choose your iPad's native resolution. Microsoft Microsoft wish list: The bar that runs across the bottom of the screen here is normally hidden, with only a small symbol visible in the lower-right corner of the screen. But when it began to open on our iPad, there was a significant amount of slowdown. Before connecting to your PC, Splashtop requires you to select the resolution at which your Windows desktop will be displayed on your iPad.

Only authentication method is Google. We review products independentlybut we may earn affiliate commissions from buying links on this page. Windows 10 What will you get with a Microsoft consumer subscription? Please review our terms of service to complete your newsletter subscription.

First, you must create a security code. Here's how to set up your VM and avoid a few gotchas.

Run Win8 Metro Testbed on iPad with Splashtop

Splashtop's website has links etstbed a few versions of the streamer software. Tap that symbol once to display a full-sized keyboard, double-tap to display the Hints Control Bar. Swiping from left allows switching apps.

Here are my predictions on what that subscription Get the right streamer if you are trying to remotely access Windows 8. There's no way to transfer data from the iPad to desktop or vice-versa using this app, but I was easily able to save any files I created while remotely connected to the Windows 8 PC to the Windows machine.

You have to put Splashtop's streamer software on any Windows 8 desktop you want to remotely access.

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