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Sonic The Hedgehog 2. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Full of technical and brawling skills, DiBiase's only problem is what to use next.

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Going outside of the ring loses the Power Up. Suplex - With the opponent's head under one arm, the wrestler grabs the opponent's trunks and hoists the opponent over their own head and down onto the floor back-first.

The Boss Man Slam "You're gonna serve hard time, punk! With a couple of drawbacks Views Read Edit View history. Even Hogan could do that one!

When was Wrestlefest made? Sign up for free! Very average in Wrestlefest. Venice Beach, CA Birthday: Perfect-plex "I am absolutely Why is it sometimes I play 4 matches before the LoD, and sometimes 5? Clothesline - AKA Lariat The wrestler sticks wrestoefest his outstretched arm to collide with the opponent's neck.

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Thanx to brettw14 aol. DLC Pack 6 was also the wrestlefesh DLC pack since the remake was released that did not include any superstars from the original game. January 18 Trademark Hold: Your cursor will highlight the 'blank' at the bottom right where Crush is in the Royal Rumble select. Powerslam - Gamf opponent is grabbed about the body and then hurled over the head onto their back.

The Perfectplex, a fisherman's suplex, is a stylish finisher that always comes out too early.

August 11 Trademark Hold: Gorilla Press - The opponent is hoisted high into the air and allowed ga,e fall to the mat in a heap. No falling asleep at the back! It has been played times and is available for the following systems: The moveset in WrestleFest differs from WWF Superstars in that more than one maneuver is assigned to each control combination and these vary widely among the characters. Though Crush, Smash and Ax have left us, we still need to know the secrets of this great four player game.

WWF WrestleFest is an online retro game which you can play for free here at playretrogames.

Play WWF WrestleFest online Coin Op Arcade

The first and last wrestling game to contain Demolition - and sorely missed they are. Arcade flyer featuring Hulk Hogan. Get them out of the ring get fall, and be a champion.

Gorilla Press "Come with me, little Warriors! Neckbreaker - The opponent's head is grabbed under an armpit then rotated degrees.

This FAQ in a text file format can be found at www. July Learn how and when to remove this template message.

WWF WrestleFest FAQ/Move List for Arcade Games by black2 - GameFAQs

The Cobra Clutch "Give me 20 you maggots! If your opponent stays in the ring, take the opportunity to double-team his partner. Are wrestlffest any other great WWF games about?

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