Rammstein morgenstern

Please enter your comment! But humans here be humans in the higher and deepest sense! The Venus Morning Star makes so much light just before the rising of the day. General Comment i figured it out, upon looking it over again, the song is about a man who at first can't bring himself to believe he's in love with this woman who isn't ugly, and upon some kind of revelation, realizes that who she is on the inside is beautiful Mr. Hence the last verse and the "Morningstar, oh shine, onto the soul of mine.

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It was the morning star to ancient Rome. The direct juxtaposition of "Sag mir ich bin nicht alleine" and "Haesslich, du bist Haesslich" makes me wonder if the second line isn't mirgenstern star's reply?

I think this melody is deeper As if to say that the more attractive the person is, the more they are worth.

I love all of Rammsteins music, whether it be portraying insanity such as Benzin, or compassion and messages like these. Or better, it just seems korgenstern are writing on a simple subject as the importance of nowadays beauty for women in society.

We do not have any tags for Morgenstern lyrics. How can this innate horrible creature that makes the sun go down be a girl and how can this repulsiveness creature have someone who loves her? Why not add your own? The translation is really good, i would say nobody could do better than that. Rammstein — Morgenstern English. In fact, most conspiracy nowadays theorists think that terrorist attempts dates are calculated on Venus planetary transactions to get more astral power.

And as such the biblical devil is often used as a symbol or concept rather then an actual entity. To be free from progress and mankind. She sees a star shining in the twilight and pleads Paint beauty onto my cheeks Here there is no doubts.

SongMeanings is a place for discussion and discovery. The story is a male perspective arguably on what a physically unattractive female does throughout the night.

MORGENSTERN, a song by Rammstein on Spotify

As you can see in this second refrain of the morgenster. So it goes away and the night comes. Who is the narrator who is singing now? Anyway some meaning got lost. We do not have any tags for Morgenstern English lyrics.

So at the end this is a war song between earth and his inhabitants, natural laws and spiritual laws where there are no good or bad party. No Replies Log in to reply. Someone thinks this is the lover of the girl. In Greek Mythology, Lucifer is Venus.

Because humans are creatures of the eye, refusing to look beneath appearance for what true beauty resides within the soul. General Comment The morning star or "Mourning", like the feeling was lucifer Like wasted faith in an unpromising religion, but still she prays and hopes that if there is someone out there, that they will have mercy on her.

Morgenstern (English translation)

But there is someone that loves her since before the accident She's so ugly that it gets dark when she looks into the sky Its too much exaggerated to use the metaphor of the sun who is frightened for the sight of a girl.

I think the song is about the fashion and beauty industry. There was an error. General Comment I think the main turning point in the song is near the end where the church choir starts singing again, and afterwards it's just Till telling her how beautiful she is, maybe the choir is the "morgenstern" morningstarshining on her, and changing her appearence so she is seen as beautiful.

This sentence is to much important to be confined to the beauty of a girl.

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