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Lyrics - Wobble Wobble baby, wobble baby, wobble baby, wobble yeah [x4] Ass, ass, ass, ass, ass Ass, ass, ass, ass, ass Ass, ass, ass, ass, ass Stop, now make that motherfucker hammer time like Wobble-dy wobble-. This site is indexing other sites content only. Print Six Reasons Wobble lyrics Print it! Michael Myers Six Reasons.

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Wobble Lyrics dobble Six Reasons. Heavy but never sacrificing melody, technical yet grounded and always interesting and rhythmic, their songs effectively run a full range of emotions and moods. I done popped more bottles than a newborn baby. Ass so big you can see it from the front. Is she a 10 not a one when you fuck her back do she ever try to run Do her camel toe show when she wear sweatpants? And they gon frame em to see dat nigga Decar to the bed while I'm sayin my scriptures.

Wobble - Six Reasons(Decaf'd) by longtrenton | Trenton Long | Free Listening on SoundCloud

Get lyrics of Decaf wobble dat ass song defaf love. Shady, Aftermath Look at that bitch! Library Artists Billboard Contributes. Decaf wobble dat ass lyrics Get lyrics of Decaf wobble dat ass song you love.

Wobble Six Reasons Lyrics

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Do she got her own whip? You claim you got a bad bitch, but do she like girls? Tat2'd Up Six Reasons. When wohble fuck her from the back, do she ever try to run? All these bitches on my dick used to call me a loser. All them niggas wanna fuck her, so she don't mind choosin' wobble. Yeah, I'm the man in the club but I used to sell crack.

Six Reasons

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All this ice on my chest, bitch call me a cooler. List contains Decaf wobble dat ass song lyrics of older one songs and hot new releases. Paper Plates Six Reasons.

If you're a player makin' money throw your hands up If you a woman that's in love then give your ma And if I'm wearin' Gucci shoes then my belt gon' match. Lyrics Submitted by Jade S. She a ratchet, she a freak and that's just how I like em'. Hello Goodbye Six Reasons. But her pussy so tight like a star lap beat, had me tryna double back for it all last week. More lyrics by Six Reasons. Girl you workin with some ass yeah, you bad yeah Make a nigga spend his drcaf yeah, his last yeah H Download Font Style Embed.

Touch Me Six Reasons.

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