Yaram novel complete

There was no drama, no evil professor, no unrealistic villains Shaiytaan kai ustaad Carl k ilawa and just same old and very real life that got in the way. But still I would definitely recommend it. View all 37 comments. He was kind, patient and loyal but also sensitive.

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I used to be super proud of the fact that no book has ever managed to make me cry. A story of love and friendship. Only her grandfather supports her morally. But still I need an explanation. According to the back story Amraha is a girl who is constantly mocked and humiliated by her relatives and even her parents because they consider her "manhoos".

He was the most hatable character in some part and charmingly becomes the favorite one. There are times when I've cried reading compleye book wondering how someone's family could do something like that to one of their own but at the end I believe its about how courageously we face every such situation and how we emerge through it The characters in the book are very powerful and as a reader you will literally fall in love with each and every character.

A story of cultures, beliefs, comlete, love and relationships. Yet Amraha was a polar opposite of that.

يارم (Yaaram)

I've heard about it a lot but when I bought this book and read about the magic tale of Amarha and Aliyan, I was mesmerized and it's all in my mind ever since. Complee rated it really liked it Sep 29, I have said this before, it was painful to read. But her endurance grows with the story. The situation almost becomes impossible for their re-union but She reminded me a lot of Farhat Ishtiaq.

Apart from Amraha and Aliyan, there are two other characters that deserve admiration: It kept me in a trance for so long, that I started re-reading it right after finishing it.

Thora reality based hota or kirdaar thoray zyada mature hotay to acha tha. Love that has the power to make beauty to ruin and ruin to beauty.

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A Muslim first name with a non-Muslim last name. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Borshay July 14, 16, 0. Just because my friend was forcing me so much I had to give this Novel A shot and now I'm forever grateful to her for forcing me to try this out!

Each character has uniquely identifiable character trait. He was kind, patient and loyal but also sensitive.

Lady mehar is a character that promotes the message of love removing all discriminations. The character of Carl is superb I really want to meet him, at first I was so annoyed by his mischieves and now I figured ayram out to be hilarious.

Margaret's didn't; thanks to the writing style. But most of all there is friendship, and there are so many, so many hilarious moments. I laughed a lot at your jokes. The tears this book made me cry Are there other novels of the writer available.

God knows how divinely this story was narrated. A beautiful story of Amraha and Aaliyan who inspite of misunderstandings and misjudgements succeed in staying together. Heroine hamesha itni immature, bewakoof or dumb dikhatay hain or hero har waqt peechay peechay.

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