It involves completion of a set of activities under the guidance and supervision of: On completion of Entrepreneurship and Innovation students will:. Knowledge Demonstrate fundamental knowledge across a wide range of business disciplines. The course will use active learning within an interactive workshop structure to teach student basic numerical, problem solving, mathematic notation and data interpretation skills and their applications to business problems. This subject introduces students to a basic understanding of financial accounting concepts. Furthermore, this subject provides students with an appreciation of contemporary approaches to leadership as well as the opportunity to practice leadership across a variety of domains.

Designed for candidates in their first year of undergraduate study this unit acquaints students with the economic aspects of modern society, to familiarize them with techniques for the analysis of contemporary economic problems, and to develop in them an ability to exercise judgment of economic events. This subject examines employment relationships in an international context. It also informs the non-marketer how one might interact with marketing as an organizational member. The main aims of the course are to assist students to: Exemption for an exemption Previous study graded as an exemption cannot be used for an exemption into a KBS qualification. The high profile, high-risk aspect of project management demands multi-tasking, analytical thinking, excellent communication skills and superior organisational abilities.

Follow the link below if you are a citizen or resident of a country other than Australia kbs kaplan business systems would like to know more about the fees and prerequisites for this course. The subject is structured to accommodate student interests, as the assessments provide a choice of assignment topics.

It also informs the non-marketer how one might interact with marketing as an organizational member. This subject covers a fundamental description of the Australian legal system and an in depth analysis of the legal regulation of businesses and kbs kaplan business systems transactions. In doing so, students will learn more about their default thinking style and whether this is serving them well, before applying the other methods to a diverse range of real-life scenarios.

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This subject introduces students to the basic theories and practices of financial management as they apply to corporations, particularly with regard to investment and management decision making.

This subject teaches students how to interpret and draw conclusions from financial information integral to kbs kaplan business systems ethical operations of any business.

It gives an introduction into internal auditing and public sector auditing, and introduces the student to professional and ethical standards. Students will use these strategies to develop a plan for successful kbs kaplan business systems support and relationship-building within an organisation.

This will include an understanding of the frameworks for effective negotiations; the processes for settling disputes between team members; and the effective management of workplace bullying, harassment, and other unproductive and toxic workplace situations. This subject teaches students how to prepare and analyse data for use in making business decisions.

MODE On campus, full-time or part-time. This Internship subject provides an opportunity for students to kbs kaplan business systems real world experience in the workplace. Strategic Marketing focuses on the development kbs kaplan business systems knowledge and skills in the following areas: This subject aims to teach students how to apply theory in addressing international finance challenges.

The subject encourages students to identify issues and innovations that are promoting change in the current business practices of hospitality kbs kaplan business systems tourism activity, to undertake an in-depth systematic examination of the issues, and to report their findings in an effective but rigorous manner.

The subject defines, in a real-life context, the function of derivative securities such as options, forwards and futures as well as examining swaps. The subject demonstrates how economic theory can be used to explain and analyse current real-world scenarios.

This subject introduces students to the use and management of information systems and technologies in modern accountancy. We offer real-world experience with an academic foundation so that you can graduate with work-ready kbs kaplan business systems and confidence.

The subject is also concerned with valuation of financial assets, securities and derivative products. This subject will teach students the kbs kaplan business systems to analyse business opportunities, and articulate them as a compelling business description, and pitch to an audience of investors, customers, or business partners.

Download the RPL application form. Additionally, the subject provides students with an in-depth understanding of the legal obligations of internal management, particularly directors, company secretaries and other senior employees. This subject examines employment relationships in an kbs kaplan business systems context. Career Outcomes Find out where this course can take you. First Name Last Name. The subject covers a wide spectrum of management knowledge, activities and decisions, related to management practice.

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This subject locates marketing within a strategic context by introducing a kbs kaplan business systems of analytical models and techniques to be applied to situational analysis, formulating marketing strategies and their planned implementation to produce superior marketing performance. The subject will also introduce theories of corporate governance in a multinational context. Even after I completed the Bachelor of Business, their Careers Central continued to help me by lessening the stress of job hunting, and they provided industry-perspective feedback on my portfolio!

This subject covers a fundamental description of the Australian legal system and an in depth analysis of the legal regulation of businesses kbs kaplan business systems business transactions.

Master of Business Administration – Project Management

This subject explains how lenders, financial institutions, products, kbs kaplan business systems, regulation and sophisticated technology-based information systems, all combine to form the Australian and International financial systems.

This subject examines the practice and scope of auditing and assurance services and provides an overview of the auditing process as practiced in Australia. Our Academic Officers are available to equip you with the tools you need to meet the requirements of your course through additional workshops, lectures and one-on-one sessions.

Applied case studies to do with portfolio design, asset allocation and fund performance are incorporated into the subject structure and kbs kaplan business systems and will be viewed through the lens of portfolio, capital asset pricing and arbitrage and efficient market hypothesis theories.

The key elements of business logistics covered in this subject include logistics planning and strategy, customer service, procurement, transport, inventory, warehousing, and handling.

It equips students with knowledge and skills in accounting and related fields. Contact us to find out more. Jerry Wang Master of Professional Accounting. Our Careers Central team are dedicated to making you a job ready student.

This subject introduces students kbs kaplan business systems the basic concepts of taxation law in Australia, and covers the fundamentals of the taxation system and its administration. Whilst not a capstone subject, MAN Business Research is intended to help students to develop these research skills while integrating and consolidating the knowledge and skills that they have acquired during their Bachelor of Business studies to-date. It examines the operational constraints on hospitality systems, with an emphasis on food safety management, quality control, and menu planning.

MAN Business Ethics kbs kaplan business systems business ethics to be concerned with the moral conduct of businesses.