Conducted over eighteen months, participant observations with nurses included interviews that took place during and after a work shift. I draw from my fieldwork in Harar from , and the empirical research of social scientists. Citizenship and Immigration Canada introduced mandatory serologic testing into its medical examination in and the HIV screening policy has never been reviewed. Determine whether the measure is appropriately targeted. In the end, negotiating the logistics of date, place, and time of interviews and participant observations required that Laura BISAILLON negotiate with administrative personnel who proved to be highly skilled at mediating her access to extra-local informants. How is this institutional complex ordered and governed? As she came to find out, challenges she faced in successfully communicating with these practitioners matched standpoint informants’ descriptions of challenges they also faced with these same persons.

Changes in the way things were run in the facility resulted in frequent staff turnover. University of California Press, ; see also, L. To illustrate this, we discuss two examples related to the organization of time or what we identify as waiting work; reflecting on the consequences of these arrangements for our respective projects. Standards of service and care that a Canadian citizen or permanent resident might reasonably expect during a therapeutic encounter with the same doctor are suspended during the immigration medical examination. There are precedents for critical and comprehensive evaluations done by agencies outside of government using health and human rights-based frameworks and integrating best evidence and recent knowledge. They urge for the consideration of public policy based on experiences of those people whose bodies submit to mandatory HIV testing for purposes of prospective immigration.

It was during such contradictory moments that the standpoint politic was readily palpable, and the interviews were difficult to navigate. This paper focuses on the key human rights consequences of the HIV screening policy that applies to all laura bisaillon thesis and some temporary resident applicants to Canada. Uncover the research problematic over time through the researcher’s immersion in the field.

However, while there is currently no blanket exclusion of HIV-positive applicants to Canada, one group of applicants — independent class applicants — are in a category that is not exempted from examination for anticipated cost to public health and social systems. She took notes on analytic threads laura bisaillon thesis were useful to follow up on in subsequent interviews. Because of this, informants’ accounts are not in and of themselves good accounts or evidence of how things are socially organized to happen in research using institutional ethnography.

Standpoint is a laura bisaillon thesis position within the bodily experience, relevancies, and everyday knowledge of people in a designated group or social location. On the social relations of research: Listen for how people use institutional language and official or authoritative reasoning to explain events. Laura bisaillon thesis line of inquiry on the materiality of this person’s practices focused dialogue on empirically observable details of the informant’s administrative work.

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This resource also proved helpful during her ethics application process and the write-up and analysis phases of her research. Some informants were humanitarian and compassionate ground applicants, and others were in the pre-removal risk laura bisaillon thesis stage. I investigate the organization of the Canadian immigration process. Clarity of the public health purpose The objectives and goal of the Canadian testing program are inferred rather than explicitly stated in legislation and the HIV policy.

Her research established an empirical ground for legitimizing nurses’ laura bisaillon thesis about what occurs in their work settings. She explored federal government practices associated with medical screening and assessment of prospective immigrants with HIV. When an interview with an extra-local informant physician was delayed, canceled, or pre-empted, like her standpoint informants before her, Laura BISAILLON was faced with negotiating a new appointment with office administrators.

I use results from an empirical study I recently completed where the theoretical and methodological lens laura bisaillon thesis provided by institutional and political activist ethnography.

I use critical, ethnographic, and qualitative approaches; providing an empirically informed dimension to policy and law making.

Methodologies and international policies exist to evaluate the human rights consequences of public health interventions. Signs22 2 In light of the fact that the policy has multiple suspected laura bisaillon thesis, discussed above, some of which are defensible from a human rights standpoint and some of which are not, it may be difficult to suggest less restrictive policy responses.

Laura bisaillon thesis borders and the shaping of health services for Afghans in Iran: There are precedents for critical and comprehensive evaluations done by agencies outside of government using health and human rights-based frameworks and integrating best evidence and recent knowledge. Institutional ethnography’s distinctive contribution laura bisaillon thesis the commitment to staying closely connected to the material features of people’s practices, which are the sources of data.

Towards a National Strategy. This presentation will appeal to persons who work with immigrant, refugee or displaced populations living with chronic illness and those who are concerned with social justice and health care. The point is that in institutional ethnography, people’s physical actions and everyday social conditions are important sources of data. A dominant and recurring theme in our discussions and debates was the thorny issue of challenges we experienced during the conduct of our research.

Deveau, Jean Louis Mouth care for orally intubated patients: The Stationery Office, The work critically examines the testing policy, situating it within laura bisaillon thesis socio-political contexts. To Janet RANKIN’s surprise, rather than learning more about the report and being given permission to use it as data, she found herself being interrogated about her study design and procedures.

Ultimately, we both aimed to elucidate the workings of large, complex institutions, and to explicate their functioning.

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We learn how this group of helping professionals laura bisaillon thesis and employ practical solutions to ethical, philosophical, and political dilemmas organizing their work. Law, Ideology, and Collegiality. Between andmore than one million new immigrants settled in Canada, a country with a current population of approximately For more information contact: Janet RANKIN accompanied her relative during this hospitalization, and during this time, she maintained a journal cataloguing experiences related to laura bisaillon thesis organization of patient care.

Numerous questions arise about the public and population health messages this policy creates for resident Canadians. Drawing from historical data and integrating results from field research on cemeteries in Addis Ababa, the talk is inspired from a recent site visit to the cemeteries in laura bisaillon thesis both indigenous and foreign persons rest in Addis Ababa.

Janet RANKIN’s position on the side of her nurse informants placed her outside of authoritative or official knowledge claims that the administrator was vested in upholding.

The caseworker was concerned that results might have negative consequences on and for immigrant persons with HIV in Canada. Analysis is connected to broader research literatures and the historical record. As a result of this experience, Janet RANKIN became increasingly attuned to how a person’s social location shapes what she or he can know and say about the world.

Among laura bisaillon thesis former, one informant was born with HIV. However, as noted above, several categories laura bisaillon thesis applicants to Canada cannot be denied admission based on anticipated costs to public health and social systems; these include refugees, refugee applicants, and family class applicants.

While the Canadian government has the constitutional authority to regulate its borders laura bisaillon thesis implement immigration policy, a critical feature of which is medical screening, the laura bisaillon thesis authority with which Canada carries out HIV screening of possible prospective immigrants can be questioned. I focus on a key component of the immigration process, which is medical examination and HIV testing with this, along with the HIV test counselling practices that happen or not there.

The work will produce nuanced awareness of how intersections between gender, health policy, and migration influence the health of PHA. Laura bisaillon thesis in the way things were run in the facility resulted in frequent staff turnover.