8dio solo violin designer

Those that spend their time recreating "mockups" of all your favourite film themes. Shad0wLandsUK , Jul 18, I'm sure there are workarounds that will work fine, but not being able to set a tempo was a dealbreaker for me. I had a go with it a couple of days ago, but again it didn't really work in the piece I was working on.

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There are three types of composers round here: What this is extremely good for is if you need certain solo string scratches and effects or very fast runs with a human touch and so on. Which sometimes is where that phrases library fits the bill.

No, create an account now. Larry, it's all your fault! Josh Richman and richardt like this. TigerTheFrogJul 17, It sounds fine but is kind of a silly concept: Is this an update or what? I bought it for the cheap price.

Forum Themes Mobile Progressive. Not at full price though. TigerTheFrog and richardt like this. Already have an account? Im sure ill find some use for some pasted together js bach violin melodies in the background somewhere but not sure if it will get much use otherwise. I dont regret it due to the low cost and will get that money's worth from it. Jobbing media composers, who get paid based on turning around zero deadline projects to a brief.

You CAN get neat results, but: Definitely something to write around rather than incorporate into your own ideas, which is not my style, but if that's your thing, you may really like it. Now I need to fire it up and try to do something useful!!! Forums Posts Latest Posts. But it's still very cool.

Well I have used the Designer several times a few years ago but found the concept quite strange. Haven't received registration validation E-mail?

The tempo is adjustable, but you can't set it to, say, 90 BPM.

8Dio Solo Violin Designer 2.0

Wally Garten likes this. I can go for weeks or months not spending a dime!

Cool idea, might be more useful with a ton more content, as delivered it is kind of limited. I can confirm that it doesn't lock to DAW tempo.

I'm sure there are workarounds that will work fine, but not being able to set a tempo was a dealbreaker for me.

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8Dio Solo Violin Designer

Log in or Sign up. Let us know if you have any further questions! Got it for free and haven't touched it since playing through the phrases once, honestly. You must log in or sign up to reply here.

So no updated version?

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