Bad suns transpose ep

This song is literally soooo awesome, It has such a fresh and powerful sound. Listen to this album and millions more. Corey Rogers February 25,

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If it doesn't find its way to at least the top 25, we trxnspose a major problem in the world of good music. The new album, Language and Perspective came out and it's on iTunes already.

Freaking amazing songs Love the albums and these guys are so talented. Best album This Album is non stop awesomeness Full Review. Such a great beat!

Transpose EP Album songs Bad Suns ※ Mojim Lyrics

I heard a co-worker listening to Salt and feel in love with the band. Item added to wishlist. Daft Pretty Boys Bad Suns 1.

So chill Full Review. Ive followed them since they were Blackout !!!! Lorenzo Dominguez February 26, Jessica LeAnn May 16, Joe Teston May 19, Can't wait till the album drops in june. People say trnaspose music is dying; they're only referring to the pop on radio and not talent like this.

Soo worth it Cardiac Arrest just so catchy liking them a lot Full Review. Worth a listen for sure! Tracy Marie February 7, Saw them in concert when they opened for fitz and they were great!

David Jensen March 6, Alli Schaeffer February 20, Adam White November 21, Such a great EP! I've always loved their music: This band is just the kind of refresher I need.

Cardiac Arrest is going places! Verry good I was surprised how good this album was Full Review.

Transpose EP

Love every song I loved every song on this album. Mia May 18, I'll try my best Catchy hooks and interesting lyrics.

Nice Restoring my faith in indie music. It's good but where is their new album?

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This EP is very promising! Kurt Reitema June 8, sins Kathryn Johnson June 16, Can't wait to see where these guys go. My favorite songs are Salt and We move like the ocean!

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