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I am working on some filters to use with the video player part. This makes it more easy for me to create even better softwares for you. The reason for this is that I have been asked to finish the Picture and Audio to Video tool as soon as possible.

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Recently I have been asked to develop a few private non multimedia applications for a customer, and this is something I am looking into. The world rank of easy-data. Have a nice day! Support development by donations. Be connected on your terms - we won't share anything without your mefiaplayer. This is now going to be changed.

So keep up sharing this site with your friends: On ordinary computer screens this filter could be a bit "to much", but a few days ago my wife and me watched some movies 1.3.0 our computer setup in the livingroom using a big TV screenand was amazed of how well this filter works when used on a TV. As usual you will find it on our download page.

Download Easy-Data Mediaplayer - Powerful Multimedia Player + lots of tools

That said, there wil be options to run commands from inside the player, but the real job is done by a dos version of ffmpeg. Still, it is completely portable and does not need installation, No registry settings added, and no external codecs needed.

The last one is just a test, and will be replaced. Just to make it clear, I will continue with all the tools on this site, and all promised upcoming tools. The song was named "Cat in a box" and the band was "Retox Panic". There is still some work to be done but it starting to get close to release of version 3.

It has been down before, and will come back to life again.

The output can be played on any video player that supports. PARTYBlasterAs the name itself tells the story, this is a basic music player with a look that suits perfectly if you are having a blast with your friend and wanna have a cool party club house touch.

If interested please contact me by email. As you may have seen on this site I have a link to my FB page.

Some just for fun, and some to get better quality playback. Alexa rates it to As usual the updated player can be downloaded from the download page.

Easy-Data Mediaplayer

A couple of days ago I was watching a Danish movie called Kartellet. I you like my tools I would be happy if you would like to Follow me on FB.

I guess I do something right, but it is lot of work to be done, so until next time. On a normal computer you wont be able to make much difference, but when you connect a decent receiver to it then the sound quality will blow you away.

When this is done I will probably sell it to a norwegian customer for about I medialayer working on some filters to use with the video player part. The last week I have been testing out some components for use with a cover maker. I really love that feeling. Keep me signed in on this computer.

Easy-Data Mediaplayer

Updated version released today. Well, I have found what I was looking for. I will poste medoaplayer screenshots of the covermaker tool as soon as i have something ready. This let me make some extra money, and since all my tools are freeware it is nice to get payed for a change:

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