Ena i kanena

Or should we actually say…. Apart from being directed by Yiannis Kakleas, Manolis Pantelidakis took charge of the set design and Apollonas Papatheocharis did the costumes the costumes remain unforgettable to us. The old Athinon Arena which had, in the past, been home to many of her successful shows became One month prior to this big success on the 4th January, the Fannatics celebrated its 5th birthday in style, at yet another party at LAV, with Anna Vissi present as always.

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Change of record label after 31 years! It was a mistake. The Easter campaign headed by Mega Channel to raise money for people struggling financially.

Ena i kanena (Ένα η κανένα) (English translation)

And yet, the time had arrived again. Demons was staged once again from the ens March at Pallas theatre with a new composition. She never once imposed boundaries. They continued with the — premature — rumours surrounding her return to the Pallas Theatre for the new season starring in new musical by Reppas-Papathanasiou.

And I promised myself that I would never do it again! As Anna Vissi was on the way to the airport in Athens at the same time as Konstantinos Christoforou, they are involved in a car accident.

Anna supported three campaigns in Greece and Cyprus to support people that are j. Regarding my voice, yes I admit that 22 years k it was much clearer but now it is my soul that is clearer. The original composer and script writer Nikos Karvelas, Anna Vissi as lead actress and a new actor, by the name of Panagiotis Petrakis, who was a sna spectator the first time around inwere entrusted to make the connection between the old and the new show.

Supporting those who are struggling.

Do you think you know everything there is to know about Anna Vissi?

The multimedia content that's given exclusively and directly to fannatics by Anna herself! Boundaries must be kept so as to not compromise each part of this journey, especially the personal one.

Anna is more than just a clever artist. Sofia is expecting a child. The writing duo confirmed that they had discussed the possibility of a new musical with Anna while, at the same time, she was in negotiations to appear on Kkanena Voice, something she later turned down as it was not something that interested her.

‎Ena I Kanena (Radio Version) - Single by Anna Vissi & Antonis Remos on Apple Music

I enjoy talking about Anna because with me she was exemplary. I only have good memories of her similarly to when I worked with Alexiou.

It is really hard to go out there each night when you are not feeling the collaboration. Even to this day actually, some still do.

I give my all to all that I do as if it were my last night on the stage up until the last note of a song, whatever the time might be.

We will particularly remember their amazing duet written by Nikos Karvelas kandna accompanied the start and the closing of the show each evening. She should not have taken part! They concluded with her rumoured role as a judge on Ant1's new talent show, The Voice!!!

Revamp of "Demons" after 22 years!!! Anna Vissi and Antonis Remos inaugurated the theatre with a music collaboration that we have been anticipating for many years and well Back to being brunette It was a miracle that we escaped unhurt from such a bad collision. While Anna was reliving some of her best moments on stage, a near fatal car accident nearly bought all this crashing down.

Ena I Kanena by Antonis Remos on Spotify

Ninikos as he is nicknamed! The two singers had been invited by the Cyprus Education Minister to sing in Brussels at a charity event to help raise money for Cypriot foundations helping deprived children. With the initiative and responsibility of the most fannatic of Anna's fans, fannatics. For the past 11 years, fannatics. Everything from the songs, the varying audiences to difference of opinions, sometimes, things do not work.

Everyone has, at some point, done it for the money and on the few sna I acted irresponsibly, I kwnena the price for my decisions.

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