G4fon koch trainer

Would you consider releasing the apk file directly for download on your website? Compatibility Requires iOS 6. I am a professional software developer and I spent a huge amount of my time writing and debugging code.

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Hi Davide, This application is excellent. Thank you for considering this option.

To fix it, g4foh the application and then click on the Setup button. This is done by pressing the file-open icon in the main screen. Just enlarge the inter-character spacing or, better, the inter-word spacing. There are no reviews yet. What we g4fkn to obtain such results are called conditioned reflexes. David Gwillim, KB2TQX, has created a companion programme which allows you to enter the text on a keyboard and then cut and paste the output from my software for checking.

Thank you for your job.

G4FON Koch Method Morse Trainer Download (Free) - appsmarketing.mobi

If you wish to participate as traiber beta tester, go to https: Version 9 is here! Again thanks for the program I will update this blog on any successes created by this system. Could not believe it when program went nuts. First step, we have to determine what we want those reflexes to be able to do.

Training fast CW on Android (Koch method)

I found myself enlarging word spacing more effective than enlarging character spacing. I started recently with Morse training and the biggest advantage is to continiue hearing when the display is switched off.

For example, when we ear people speaking in the background, we understand what they are talking about even if we are doing something else and no paying attention to them. What a great app!

Click here to join the group. This site uses Akismet to trainre spam. Hi Davide, I have downloaded your android app and was enthralled. With this setting, you can choose how many Koch characters you want to use. Thank you for this fantastic app! Added the ability to play random words. I have already incorporated it into my own Matlab practice script. However, to be real effective, these methods need a computer software able to produce really random sequences at calibrated speed.

G4FON Koch Morse Trainer

The idea is that when I hear a sequence e. I am frainer forward to the new V2 release mainly for the softer audio tone. We certainly have developed such an ability by reading and reading and reading for all of our life.

I operate pretty much exclusively CW, but can occasionally be heard on data modes and more rarely on SSB! Spero di sentirti presto on air. Great app, Helping me a great deal. Basically you start off learning the code at the speed you would like to achieve. I have been able to setup a device showing this problem. Bug fix for Display Played Morse Code switch.

Hi Rick, I have the same problem. Some voices need correction, Sierra, India too electronic… The ooch should be more similar in character.

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