All-access artist interviews, in-depth gear reviews, essential production tutorials and much more. The library is organised into four folders, whose names echo the environments in which Chris' sounds were captured: A complete sonic exploration of the tines and mechanisms: Since then he has developed a particular and passionate interest in recording the wildlife sounds of animals, habitats and atmospheres from around the world. Sound-design textures are layered with Watson's original recordings to create the most fluid, organic soundscapes ever.

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The sound designers have constructed presets based on these raw recordings which, in turn, are built around three layers. Some of the most inhospitable recording environments of all due to the proliferation of tiny biting things. If you're searching for a more leftfield sonic starting point from which to launch your tracks, Geosonics might be just what you need. Pros Recordings and sound design meet with great sounding results.

Geosonics will appeal most to sound designers and media composers, who will fall in love with its density of textures and rich sonic starting points in equal measure.

Wire recordings make fantastic material for sound design work - Their rich harmonic and noise content means that they sound great when filtered or shaped into percussion.

Seismographs | GeoSonics/Vibra-Tech

All-access artist interviews, in-depth gear reviews, essential production tutorials and much more. Chris Watson used huge metre runs of microphone cable to allow him to situate himself well away from the swamp life during recording.

To create a large preset library presets with real creative depth, we decided to colloborate with some of our favourite sound designers. There are also three effects engines on board - two FX busses and the wonderful Space generator, which brings convolution reverb IRs to bear on your sonic constructions.

Contact mics attached to wire fences, sculptural installations or even power lines record changes in weather as stunning soundscapes. This means that you do not need to own the full version of NI Kontakt to use it. The Space processor features geosoonics huge range of custom convoltuion IRs, divided into Reverb, Effect and Geosonic categories.

You may not know Chris Watson's name but you'll have heard his work. However, there is plenty for EDM heads too - rich pads feeding comprehensive effects and clouds of sonic possibility to configure into production layers.

Different sections of the file can be played on the MIDI keyboard, and filters and envelopes applied if desired. The result does not disappoint, with many different takes on building atmospheric yet musical patches. To understand Geosonics' capabilities fully, it helps to build a new sound from scratch. Recorded during various trips to the North Pole, Iceland and other Arctic regions, this category features incredible recording feats such as hydrophone recordings from the inside of glaciers, micro-recordings of deep water shrimp fighting, and the calming blips of geosonnics freezing in realtime - known as 'pancake ice'.

These include 'regulars' such as saw waves, to provide more familiar, pitched musical foundations.

You can set the Mod Wheel to provide egosonics control over Natural and Pitched element levels and you can also enable Jammer, which brings Arpeggiator-like functionality to any program. Geosonics contains tuned samplesets, for layering and sound design. Chris Watson buried hydrophones deep in sand dunes, repurposing the under-water recording devices to function in deep desert depths.

Sonic Couture Geosonics review | MusicRadar

No extra purchase necessary. These allow you to trigger Geosonisc Watson's Natural recordings in slices across the keyboard range, so the pain of isolating the section you like from a few minutes' worth of recordings is made easier.

His recordings have taken him around the world and filled hard drives full of extraordinary sounds. Further recordings were made on overhead railway cables geeosonics simple farm fences in Cumbria, UK. In this mode no pitched sample layers are available, only one original field recording. This additional sample material is a combination of useful 'building blocks' such as sine waves, sawtooths and strings; as well as processed versions of the Watson recordings.


Incredible drone-scapes created by vast runs of wire in natural enviroments - geosonicz giant guitar strings in the landscape'. Wires, Ice and Water, Swamps, and Wind. Our Verdict The planet's furthest flung corners are now yours to configure into sound.

Building new sounds is comprehensive yet intuitive. Once you find an appealing slice, click the Focus button, which maps the most recently triggered note across the whole keyboard range, to form the bedrock of a program.

All of this functionality is available within the main Instrument tab, but in Options you can enable geosoncs key additional features.

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