Install Carmageddon Download and install Glidos Download the 3dfx patch for Carmageddon Run Glidos and play Carmageddon with high-quality graphics Buy Glidos to get rid of the spinning logo The last step is not essential, but thoroughly recommended. Click Start to play Tomb Raider. It provides the background music that is missing on some versions of the Tombraider CD, and it adds extra effect sounds at key points in the game to match the Playstation version. It is not the first thing to do. You May Also Like.

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These vastly improve the look of the game. Visiting the support page may also help.

Tomb Raider Xtra : Installation

Install high resolution textures, enhanced audio and enhanced movies Glidos provides three enhencements to Tombraider. Not only does it emulate the older 3D environments, but for the original Tomb Raider it also allows you to add the classic audio extras only found in the console versions before and increase the texture quality.

If you need help with the software, please visit the relevant forums where there are many people who can help you out.

As soon as I submitted the post though, I did wonder about whether I could play it on the PC with all the graphical splendour that cards such as the 3DFX provided.

The 'My Documents' folder is usually the default location Locate the file you just downloaded, and run it by double clicking the file. Select "Redguard" from the game list and check you are not in fullscreen mode by pressing the "Adjust" button and looking at the fullscreen checkbox.

Get GLIDOS – FREE – Until End February

You should need only follow the simple steps below. Initial use of Glidos requires a number of steps.

For details of how to get rid of the logo for good, take a look at the purchasing page. I haven't experimented with this yet, so I'm not sure. You tlidos try playing the game in grotty-graphics software mode now if you like. It won't work until you complete the next step.

Glidos - WikiRaider

For details of how to get rid of the logo, take a look at the purchasing page. It provides the background music that is missing on some versions of the Tombraider CD, and it adds extra effect sounds at key points in the game to match the Playstation version. Putting my reservations about PC gaming aside my quest began.

You will then find yourself back in the Windows desktop, with Redguard running in a window. These are old style packs that worked with earlier versions of Glidos. Installation Once you have downloaded a texture packit is simply a case of running the self-extracting file. All the textures are placed in the default Glidos folder which is usually C: Textures copyright of the respective artists.

Newer packs also create a further subfolder with the name of the artist.

These work only if you also download and install the preconfigured Tomb Raider and Unfinished Business archive from here. Once you have done that, put the Carmageddon CD in your drive, find on it the file called "install.

This site uses cookies to improve the overall experience. Configure Glidos To configure Glidos you just need to select the version of Tomb Raider you are using from the main Glidos dialog what you see when you first start Glidos. See the contact page for the relevant websites.

This game is said to be for the "Chemically Imbalanced"; don't worry that you may not be suited to this game: Nice little touches like realistic reflections in the car windows. Installing Redguard Redguard has a nice installer that just works. Let the setsound program autodetect the sound card. You may also have lots of strangely named folders listed here.

Be careful not to let the game autostart when you insert the CD; always start the game with the Glidos button. There are various versions, created by different authors.

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