Kmeaw cfw 3.55

Installation Now the slightly worrying part. Install kmeaw CFW 3. It's ok, this firmware has a very slim bricking rate compared to Waninkoko's first attempt. Press O to copy the folder over.

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The game should appear on the list of games. They are not hackable! Whatever game you've downloaded, throw it anywhere onto the USB drive and use Awesome File Manager to copy things across.

Skip to the " Running games " section. It's ok, this firmware vfw a very slim bricking rate compared to Waninkoko's first attempt. Instead of the official disc you have in the PS3, it'll show as the game you loaded in multiMAN instead! It'll take a while. I find it faster and easier to copy via USB. Installing Games Now you're ready to install games homebrew!

Newer Post Older Post Home. If you're mkeaw the web for that file, make sure it has the "KM" at the end! Every time you start your PS3 you'll have to do this.

Twig's Tech Tips: PS3: Install kmeaw CFW with MultiMan for homebrew and backup loader support

A lot of older tutorials will also say you require LV2 patcher. Do not skip this part as you will risk bricking. Downloads To install homebrew, you'll need the following ingredients: Install Awesome File Manager.

Press enter to post comment Linux: The screen will turn red.

Then press Right to highlight the destination folder. Now just start it as you usually would with a normal disc. Mainly notes to future-Twig and for anyone else who may find them useful. When ready, proceed to installing kmaew's CFW. It doesn't cfd to be in recovery mode for this to work.

If this works for you, enjoy! Links chmod Mattoc IM. If you've found one or more of my blog posts helpful, omeaw not say thanks by buying me a coffee or beer?

Press O to copy it over to your hard drive.

Won't start with error 6ec Facebook: Detect volume button presses to change me Now that Sony has finally put their foot down about it, the hacking progress has slowed. First, you HAVE to upgrade to 3.

Functionality may be restricted. View my complete profile. Now the slightly worrying part.

Kmeaw CFW 3.41 to 3.55?

Running Games The fun bit now that all the setup is out of the way. Share to Twitter Share to Facebook. Customise the admin form for models Disable annoying social media bars on websites Django:

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