Milon gupta mouth organ

Milon da was an inspiration to me and greatness of this man was in his simplicity. Thanks for such a fantastic article. It was extremely inspiring to read about such a genius who was single-handedly responsible for generating so much interest in this pocket-sized instrument in India. He showed that how a pure Western Instrument with such complications and limitations can be adapted to play Indian melodies and songs with all the perfect nuances.

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Posted by Nachiketa Desai at 7: Looks like have to try finding his cassettes and have to get it converted by myself once I visit kolkata.

Newer Post Older Post Home. Soon came ''Pasher Badi'', a very successful movie in Bengal in those days which later got remade as Padosan in Hindiand that movie marked the begining of Milon Gupta's mouth organ being used in films. A perfect gentleman, who was lovingly referred to as Milonda by all and sundry last played some irgan interludes in Nachiketa's one of Calcutta's most popular singers a few months before his death, giving the audience a taste of the Larry Adler influence on him.

Today at Germany when I see Hohner Chromatica, I feel proud of my teacherperhaps who did the real justice to this instrument after Larry Adler.

Can anyone give me the details of the site? Somewhere I had read that Mr. He is a good harmonica player. One of those LPs was a Milon Gupta mouth organ instrumental, i liked it very much actually it was my second fav record. Indian Mouth Organ Maestro.

This name is none other than that nouth the legendary Milon Gupta. You can clarify any of your doubts regarding harmonica. Sir I just want to say please send me those songs by Milon sir. Milon da, i miss you a lot. It was extremely inspiring to read about such a genius who was single-handedly responsible for generating so much interest in this pocket-sized instrument in India.

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He is Mr gautam chowdhury now lives in Netherlands. In fact I read his interview in a hindi weekly Dhramyug where he gave information about different styles of playiong and brands of Harmonica.

Milon as the best professional Harmonica player in India. Can somebody please help me?

Milon da was a peer harmonica player. We all miss Milonda. He had mokth school of sudents who would only learn Latin and Western music from him.

Can someone tell me where i can get orgxn from and what should be the reasonable price. My father and I were both fans together and we would listen to this cassette often.

Milon Gupta - Learn Harmonica

We must all salute him for this. They are the most accomplished harmonica players that the world has ever seen and we find only one name from the Indian sub continent.

I have sri milon around 6 -7 audio casettes which i changed to MP3 and still i am lisening to them. If only he had learnt to play other instruments, I am sure he would have excelled in them and become a famous Music Director like his student R. His command over Western music on the instrument was unparalalled. When we moved from the US to India we lost the cassettes in the move. I am giving below his telephone numbers. Such was his repertoire and mastery over that instrument that he soon got noticed by the great composer Salil Chowdhury, whilst he was performing at a local concert.

This was later narrated by Milon Gupta in an interview on Television a few years before his death. His music still rings in our years and even the current mobile phone generation has seen his numbers being used as caller tunes, such was his spread.

I still possess an audio cassette of the legendary mouth-organist Late Milon Gupta. You have asked for saikat Mukherjee.

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