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Then you can uninstall Pradis 5 and do all of your work in Pradis 6. Sure, you have the NIV Cross References available to you, but that simply lists, for the verse you are viewing, other verses that are related. Arega Getaneh August 7, at 9: It has been very helpful in my ministry.

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Zondervan does not promote any forums or user groups that I could find, nor could I find any unofficial groups though Prqdis found an old Yahoo group for Pradis with only 9 members. This problem becomes more prevalent when adding my own notes, as you'll see below. Shame on you, Zondervan.

Yet, if you scroll through a linked book that is NOT a driver, the other books stay put. How can they not be just with their own? Searching Searching is implemented well.

I am a missionary priest in China Macau. When I saw Pradis 6. In fact, a chart available on the Pradis website that compares itself with competing products lists a "Publisher Developed Software Engine" as an advantage that none of the other products have. It will help me in my ministry.

The version pgadis is OK but the Pradis 6 looks more user friendly. It had some glitches and you generously sent out a 5. Thank you for Pradis.

Pradis 6: The Expositior's Bible Commentary Download Free Version (

You can create a note for a verse. More Solitaire 6 1.

This is odd because Family Christian stores are Zondervan's retail outlet. Pradiss bought these from Christianbook. It has been shown that people read better with narrow columns, rather than wide boxes.

I was pradia Pradis software but new I lost it form my computer. Smith February 17, at 6: The Pradis website states over resources titles are available, but I actually counted This situation caused significant frustration when attempting to create a note.

Mark Herigstad November 30, at 6: I will no longer darken the commercial doors of Zondervan until they make right a reasonable update charge for such a wonderful Biblical software pkg.

I am strictly a user here, and I have very little to NO knowledge about How To do anything beyond typing; technology is killing me. The offer expired a long time ago! The problem I have is that I can not download this software onto my Windows 8.

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Look forward to your response. Sonye Banda November 9, at 3: I was a blessing to me and help me in daily bible study. One of the nicest things about the Pradis interface is it's vertical mindset. This can be very nice.

Like everyone else, I cannot find a download or cd copy anywhere. In the interim I have been reading all the info offered by the up to date Pradis. Augusto November 4, at 2: There is also a confusing "Find" textbox on the toolbar, and it's functionality appears to overlap a Quick Search. Lee May 14, at 7:

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