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Join Group settings More. As in the photo attached, I cannot make contact with the license server when entering my license key info. I had an ifc model brought in to v16 and i wcad it out and rcad it into Anyone got a BIM Review license? A number of bar-coding options can also be used so the exact position of each piece of steel can tracked with ease.

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To strucar identify specific materials, for example where a mark number appears within StruM. The management process is controlled at administration level, not only in terms of the area that is assigned to each strudad, but through the implementation of user levels, restricting exactly what users can do with their assigned areas, down to an individual part level. While this has been made possible through its StruM.

Just released this month, StruCad Version 15 includes a brand new Model Management system, which facilitates a controlled multi user environment.

Luke Evans December 18, at 1: Manolis Kariotis December 19, at 4: Matthew Hans December 20, at 5: Common to all models. StruWalker can again srrucad used to provide visual feedback on all of this including showing exactly what phase of construction a project has reached at any point in time.

Already having a mature product in terms of its structural steel modelling capabilities, AceCad is pushing its steel fabrication solution forward by introducing more efficient ways of managing the process from drawing office to site, writes Greg Corke.

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Paul Newman December 14, at 8: One of the most powerful capabilities in StruM. For this latest release the software has been re-written entirely in. V16 to V15 catalogue. I had an ifc model brought in to v16 and i wcad it out and rcad it into S together it provides greater potential to compress the fabrication process, and introduce material management for procurement much earlier on in the chain.

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Once a tender has been won, individual contracts can be compiled, based on key information such as material grades, paint specifications, phase, delivery dates, invoice dates, schedule of construction, and even who gets to retain any scrap material. Ste Gorton December 17, at 3: Hi all, thanks for accepting Email or Phone Password Forgot account?

Mark Mair December 13, at Angelo Meehan December 13, at Can we have in fabrication drawings the center of gravity of the beam marked?

Mark Forbes December 21, at 5: Anyone got a BIM Review license? Individual drawing office standards can also be managed with the system including strhcad grades and borders, for example. Steel can be automatically allocated, routed and tracked around the shop floor as it is cut, drilled, and marked.

NET is how it manages the production process. With all this data being pushed around the globe over the Internet one might expect there to be issues with bandwidth.

Once all materials have been defined, StruM. A number of bar-coding options can also be used so the exact position of each piece of steel can tracked with ease. By implementing StruCad and StruM.

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NET products offer the steel fabrication industry. S to provide visual feedback on construction phases and the whereabouts of specific steel members. Matthew Hans December 16, at 7: This can play a critical role in the decision-making process if last stucad changes need to be made as their cost implication can be updated on the fly.

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