Venom nagraj

Interestingly, in his debut, Nagraj was unleashed as an international terror weapon by the evil scientist Professor Nagmani. Raj Comics has also decided to publish it worldwide. The king gave the news to the queen and they decided to adopt the child, since they had no child of their own.

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It is illustrated by Mr.

Meanwhile, the snake deity Deva Kaljayi appeared in the dreams of King Maniraj and his wife Queen Manika, rulers of ageless Ichchhadhaari naags venomm, living secretly on an invisible island in the Indian Ocean called Nagdweep. Nagraj was presented to the world as a creation of Professor Nagmani.

Ageless Superhuman strengths, Super regenerative healing factor Sixth sense Infrared sensing Expert martial artist Unique hypnotism Poison-bite Snake-spit Venomous breath Skin shedding Millions of microscopic shape shifting snakes in his body Shape shifting Psychic powers telepathy, teleportation, telekinesis Explosive snakes, etc.

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Until now, the series has shown him fighting vampires, demons, zombies, etc. The Snake God got angry and knocked her unconscious with his venkm breath. The blood tests of the child showed that the child had minute, microscopic snakes in his blood, filling in for white blood cells. His venom is believed to be far stronger than Potassium Cyanide, resulting in the melting of any living being's body if he bites them or vice versa.

However, the show never made it to the television screen. Hemant and written by Mr.

Most notable among them is Naganand, at a time considered right-hand man of Nagraj, he left Nagraj's body to look after the people of Nagdweep at Nagraj's order after he upgraded to become an ichchhadhaari nag. However, due to the ill effects of the poison. His stories create a rich blend of mythology, fantasy, magic, and science fiction.

Though these are snakes, of many different species, which commonly exist in vennom real world, being born in Nagraj's body means that they share in Nagraj's extremely powerful venom. Vishwamitra after realizing that Trishanku had evil intentions left him hanging.

A Look at the Desi Avengers". Gorakhnath read his mind and discovered that Professor Nagmani had implanted a mind control device in the form of a capsule in Nagraj's head, to keep him under his control. The king realised the cause of her depression and became upset as well. It was suggested in one issue that the venom inside Nagraj's teeth is far more vicious than the venom in his blood, perhaps so much so that Nagraj might die if he bites himself.

The kingdom was highly grieved, as was the king. The production of more episodes was placed on indefinite hiatus. Vishwamitra called upon the power himself, but he couldn't send it back so he entrusted this power to his disciple, a snake Mahatma Kaaldoot. His plan failed as the queen soon got pregnant and gave birth to a daughter who was named Visarpi.

Nagraj All Published Comics List Till Now

Though Nagraj gives full liberty to his snakes, his will can keep them inside his body, leading him at times to take enemy snakes inside him. The absence of a prince or princess made Nagpasha the only potential heir to the throne.

The crystal would divert all the poison from the queen's body to the child's body. Veenom Nagraj uses his breath to force out his venom in vapour form, depending upon its concentration the vish-funkar can cause a variety of damages to his enemies. This is among one of the oldest displayed powers of Nagraj. He gave a crystal to the king and told him to treat it with the queen's medicine.

Applications of this power: Since then, Nagraj has thrice toured the world and defeated many villains and terrorists. Psychic powers Telepathy In addition to his ability to communicate with snakes, Nagraj contacted Super Commando Dhruva telepathically when he was trapped in a parallel dimension containing evil souls.

At that time, Nagpasha could not tolerate the nagrj in his body and fainted. Raj Comics superheroes Superhero comics Indian comics Fictional Indian people Comics characters with superhuman strength Fictional telepaths Comic martial artists Fictional shapeshifters Fictional characters who can move at superhuman speeds Fictional characters with accelerated healing comics debuts Comics characters introduced in Indian superheroes.

Nagraj, a character in the Raj Comics series, [5] has a huge arsenal of powers of venim most can be credited to his divine birth in the comics storyline.

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