Congratulations on being a finalist! The Graduate School requires official transcripts of all college work photocopies are not accepted. Can I request an application fee waiver? A hard copy is not necessary or requested. Users may not use electronic communication to harass, stalk, or threaten others, or in similar ways create an atmosphere which unreasonably interferes with the education or employment experience. I am an international student, and I don’t yet have my finances sorted.

Does your program offer teaching assistantships and scholarships? Any MFA information that does not go out over e-mail will be placed in your mailbox. If I applied last year do I have to pay the application fee this year? To learn more about our admissions process , click here. Back to Top What are the minimum admissions requirements? I am in the final year of my undergraduate program, so my transcripts won’t yet show my degree as awarded.

The writing sample is the most heavily weighted element of the application, and most represents your potential as a writer in our program.

Back to Top Applying How do I apply? There is no such thing as anonymity on the Internet. If I am not accepted, can I reapply? A typed mfa creative writing uncw in the applicant’s writing genre uploaded as a single document—cover sheet is optional:. If you moved here from out of state specifically to go to school, you are likely to be considered an out-of-state student during your MFA career. What kind of mfa creative writing uncw could I get with a degree in Creative Writing?

University of North Carolina, Wilmington

Thank you for your interest in our program! If you previously attended UNCW or submitted an application to Graduate School within the last year, you may have documents [i.

For the department code, list 98 for “other humanities. The eligibility details and application form for these grants are on the Graduate School website at: In the second and third year of the program, teaching assistants are responsible for paying their own tuition, but all MFA students who are U. Theory and Practice, our class which teaches mfa creative writing uncw to teach. All applicants are automatically considered for all available financial awards, though in the case of mfa creative writing uncw assistantships such as those in The Publishing Laboratory or directing one of our outreach programsa supplemental statement of interest and relevant experience may prove helpful to faculty reviewers.

Back to Top When and how will I be notified whether I am admitted? It is the student’s responsibility to regularly check UNCW e-mail. Should the applicant decide to accept another program’s offer, we will redirect our financial aid package to the next finalist on our list.

How is residency assigned? When debating or complaining online, mfa creative writing uncw on your own blog or elsewhere, remember that certain published speech may go beyond defamation or libel and meet state or federal definitions of threats, stalking, or harassment. Back to top Student Publications An MFA program is measured by the success of its students and graduates, and your publications are always reason for celebration. There is also an in-house payment plan available, detailed at uncw.

For more details, see our FAQs at uncw. If you do not check e-mail, you will find it difficult to meet your academic obligations, and you will miss out on activities that inspire a sense of fellowship within the mfa creative writing uncw.

Back to Top I would like to visit your campus. How do I apply for these?

Admission Requirements Applicants seeking admission to the Master of Fine Arts Program in Creative Writing are required to submit the following five items to the Graduate School before the application can mfa creative writing uncw processed.

These meetings, which entail an additional 2. Specifically, if an in-state student accepts a GTAship, then the remission that would’ve been slated for that first year of the award is freed up to give to someone else. Back to Top Is there a particular style or type of writing that you are looking for? For each source of funding described above, you must apply for the grant and get approved well in advance of your travel. Mfa creative writing uncw your program offer teaching assistantships and scholarships?

All important MFA program announcements – regarding deadlines, course information, job, award and publishing opportunities, invitations to readings and events, and much more – are sent via campus e-mail, to your UNCW e-mail account see Getting Settled: After you declare your intent to enroll, a UNCW e-mail account will be automatically set up for you.

I would like to visit your campus.

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We will rely heavily on UNCW e-mail throughout your mfa creative writing uncw in our program; please activate your account and check it regularly off-campus addresses will not be used for departmental communication. The most effective recommendation letters come from individuals who are experienced at assessing writing, who know your work and your potential for graduate-level study, and who have some knowledge of the nature of MFA programs.

How many students are there in the MFA program?

Published work is fine but needs to be submitted in manuscript format, i. If you are interested in being considered for an assistantship in mfa creative writing uncw Creative Writing classroom, or in the Publishing Laboratory, or in the Film Studies classroom, please include a brief page supplemental statement of relevant experience and interest.