Autocom cdp pro 2012.3

Please get me some help.: All there is - series, hw id, is the sn changer, keigo for activation, pach, is a video, what else is missing? PC with Win 7 had started to work. If it's alright with the hardware,Flight Recorder must act It seems to 2gb.

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Help, how to download for this page?

Tray when firmware update start get off USB kable when is start do that then off 12v off program and start du that again and tray test when upgrade. Wounder what chines did? Same patch and KG works good for Delphi software as well.

If its used for work I'd be investing quid and getting a new single PCB unit. I " hope " its longshoot that all 3 units have bad flash IC. Does anybody knows solution whith my problem??

I have followed instruction, first instal,then copy patch,keygen,activate,and after that cannot upgrade firmware,but test ok. Here the new ones after your great help and following instructions. Please get me some help.: Test it and report back I tried to also upgrade to SP3 cdpp well.

AUTOCOM CDP Pro 2012.3 For Cars & Trucks 2 in 1 with bluetooth

This happens every time in every cars. Thanks very much for your help mate Bad soldering on crystal at this one. I tried with the version that is loaded on the device, Hi mate in patch file is serial changer may unit is beautiful-seductive gold-colored: I had in 2012.33 that this set tested an woks mate Exactly this pach remov black list some patch works only with certains sn. Is any chance to use a normal tablet and a normal autocom PC, have anybody softer for tablet?

AUTOCOM CDP Pro For Cars & Trucks 2 in 1 with bluet… | Flickr

I did everything as it was in the description. Hi Thanks for shearing this Software and the Complete till to Activate and make it working Hard drive caddy for the laptop i got off ebay If you think i'm going to put this on works pc you got another thunk coming My autocom is still sat on my freezer might see if it works oneday. Ask here and i not need your money.

Hi all, I need help from DK members. Have you seen your self the software? Hi mates i download all files from zippyshare but there is a password to unrar files so can you give me the password please thanks: Thanks for answerbut try to correct me if I'm not understood correctly: See the bottom right corner of the page Have not tried by Bluetooth ,do you think worth trying?


This because on that pc there isn't internet! New release is out!!!!!!!!!

Will give a try and report Its Proo on them? So here we go: One of CDP is from total different seller and its working different also.

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