Costimator was released in late , [1] designed to model manufacturing costs. They are not answering after several attempts in writing. It uses simple spreadsheet style formulas to calculate general cycle times but is far from accurate. I can build a cost model for any process based on my own real time data.

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Costimator was released in late[1] designed to model manufacturing costs. I really like Costimator. This large amount of information is shared with you and is constantly updated.

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Bureau of Labor Statistics. Costimator was designed by Thomas Charkiewicz, a former machinist and manufacturing manager who studied computer-aided manufacturing at the University of Massachusetts.

Your misunderstanding of how our tool works may be related to the fact that you did not complete our training program. Our markups are done using factors i. Costimator OEM is your complete cost management and estimating solution.

Costimator OEM will provide you with costi,ator organizational benefits, giving you the ability to: Ease of use Cost Modeler feature is powerful. More graphing capability to show comparisons. They up sell a relatively weak software and refuse to refund costimatr customers. Bottom-up - A bottom-up cost model allows you to use the data library costimatof find the exact machine and the time it would take to produce the estimated good.

With Costimator OEM you are given two methods of creating cost models: Using these individual operation costs you can construct a total cost estimate from the bottom-up and view each cost component. I would recommend it to any manufacturer looking for a more consistently accurate approach to quoting potential work.

Recommendations to other buyers: They include mark up which is what you are selling the item for, therefore "Cost per Piece" is incorrect. Anyone with a excel could do the same thing. xostimator

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They lied in their response about the capabilities of the software and also lied about offering to do training. Should have the option to add individual NRC items bringing over the associated data from the parent quote.

I'm glad Costimator is helping you and your company. Simple and Easy to use. View full list of Quoting Software. This software seems to be a costimatro of spreadsheet calculations which comes up with a coarse estimate for costing.

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Costimator Cost Estimating Software

Costimator works in Kansas. Costimator had its roots in the machining industry, but later branched out to include several other manufacturing processes.

Some of the issues we experienced at present are with the way our previous costing package was set up. Not a redeeming quality Cons: Costimator OEM is used by many manufacturing organizations to identify available cost reduction opportunities throughout the product development lifecycle.

The 3DFX option for solid model import is very weak and the system doesn't account for raw material in its machining calculations. Dynamic, allows for development of processes. The configuration part is tedious but MTI support helps setting up things. By using cowtimator site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The software then uses this information to explore alternatives to design and manufacturing methods; enabling you to produce lower cost products with higher profit margins.

Chuck, I'm sorry you see our software in that light.

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