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This makes MegaFiers fully compatible with Unity Added a new demo scene to show a RBody being controlled by a spline. This brings Unity 5.

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We have been adding more example content maker scripts to Megabook, the latest one allows you to use multiple mesh objects to build your page content, so you just layout each pages content using whatever text system and meshes you like with any number of materials, then using the helper script you select the parent object for each page layout and the book builder will do the rest automatically combining all the meshes and materials it finds under the parent and adding it to the page mesh so that the content will bend and turn with the page.


Fixed a bug in the Conform modifier so now detects if the Axis value is changed and so will work correctly. Move gizmos are now only shown for the currently selected knot.

If you visit the store page and enter the email used for the purchase you can get the latest version now. The Undo for MegaShapes now recognises adding and deleting of knots as well other the other options that change the spline such as Autocurve, scale etc. Small optimisation to the volume selection modifiers.

Option to have Create flow gizmo always on. Autocurve fixed so the last knots handles on an open spline are correct. Added a uniyy3d GetLocalPoint float dist, float crossa to WalkLoftSmooth script to allow you to easily get a point on the loft in the local space which can be used for steering controls etc.

Just a quick post to highlight some of our assets for Unity from the videos we have posted just in unify3d we have any new visitors that may have missed them. MegaFiers made Unity compatible. Path Deform animation option works in Distance mode as well as percent mode. Added a legacy particle controller that uses moving sources.

Fix for MegaCache missing a method when used on a platform that does not support multi threading. MegaWrap system now copies Unity BlendShape data to preserve any blendshapes that may be attached to a wrapped item. Mega Copy Object now works correctly for deformed meshes so that the new mesh is not predeformed.

MegaFiers update March 3rd, No comment. MegaFiers has been updated again, this brings numerous changes, some bug fixes and a couple of new features. Lofts etc will auto update if a spline is reversed now.

Fixed a problem with importing materials. Added an Align option to Bez Patch object which will automatically position non corner control points to be aligned with the edges.

Mega-Fiers - Asset Store

We have made available a new version of MegaShapes that fixes some issues with the new Multi Material Complex loft layer and also reduces mrgafiers vertex count in the loft. Fully Unity 5 compatible Added option to export flow frames back out to FGA files for use by other engines. MegaFlow allows you unihy3d use the power of fluid simulation software such as RealFlow, FumeFX, Maya and others to generate Vector Field simulations that can then be used to control the flow and behaviour of particles, rigid bodies or any other game object in your projects.

Added id values to the spline knots. Added weight option to Morph channels to allow adjustment of each channels contribution to the morph, useful for progressive morphs.

We have also removed unity3e error message you used to get when applying the MegaWrap system to an object. Added a StartVal to the Create flow inspector which will be used to initialize the flow grid so you can easily set a start flow state.

Updated code for Unity 5. The third shows a Vector Field being created inside Unity using splines to define flows. Layer field for the Uniry3d collision field now shows all the layers correctly.

Added UpdateMode to Modify Object, you can now choose between Update, LateUpdate or OnRender, this will change megaffiers in the render pipeline the deformations are added, Update is fine for most cases but sometimes you may need the other options, use OnRender with TextMeshPro megwfiers for example or other procedural objects. Added option to the Walk Rope example scripts to check object is within the bounds of the bridge object. To edit a spline knot you just need to click the green sphere for the point you want to edit, that will then select that point.

Small fix for Unity 4.

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