To make your stacked design permanent, push the Make new description as new antenna button in the Stack window. If you need connect an end of the wire to the ground e. Usually, the Phase is set to zero 0 for an antenna with one source.

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This is because once the stack has been created using the Make mmaana-gal description as new antenna button, there is no way to undo the result.

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Move the cursor to the middle of a wire, the cursor shape will change to an arrowhead with a square box, hold the right click button to move the wire to any required position. This is more likely to occur with antenna definition errors. However, if, after optimizing an antenna, the results are quite different from the expected values, it may be necessary to change the order of element definitions by using the "Edit by text function" in the tool bar Edit menu.

The antennas are spaced in term of wavelength WL either as a number 1. Consider SWR in the optimization for obtaining reasonable results. A software solution to help you analyze the design of an antenna using a complex mathematical method in a simple and efficient manner.


However once this done it is impossible to revert back to the original design, i. Double left click on the pattern generates a measuring vector at that radial position. The MMANA-GAL drop down menu offers 1,2,4 or 8 copies but an intermediate number can be entered by backspacing over the number and entering a new value. This might be due to the fact that ,mana-gal rate of evaluation is different from that the designer expects.

You can make association the element with the other element that have different X value. Unit of the voltage is V. Click the wire you want to add as a variable. It works like a primary spreadsheet.

Even if you specify equal mmana-ga, the actual segmentation will not follow this rule because of the element's construction. Right click on the "Edit Wire" button in the menu panel to initialize the wire selection mode. The pop-up offers several options which are detailed below. Once the application finishes the calculation, the results are displayed in table along with a field plot.

You can read the optimization log by pushing the Optimization log button at the bottom of the Optimization window. In most cases, these parameters are in the 'trade-off' condition.

If all the elements were divided into small segments, the computation time increases considerably. Y-axis starting position of the wire unit is meter or l. To save the pattern in bitmap formant, push the Alt-PrintScreen button on the keyboard. The tool is provided to simplify making changes to complex antennas, e.

The impedance is calculated by obtaining the impedance of the output mmqna-gal of the feeder with respect to the impedance of the input end.

The line that is required can be selected using the mouse on the Type of Line drop down window. The very low impedance makes the sustainable bandwidth narrow, and the wire loss cannot be ignored.

There are no restrictions on copying or mmana-yal this software as long as the software remains unmodified and copyright ownership is acknowledged. If this wire, on ,mana-gal other hand, is connected to another wire, a pulse is assigned to the end point. Gh is derived simply by substituting 2.

You can run the optimization in one window and design an antenna in the other window. This is useful for defining a complicated element e. This can be used to specify a termination or some other unusual reactance that needs to be modeled. The parameters that define the element can be set as the variable in the optimization. By default mkana-gal program starts in the Geometry tab.

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