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A new Run Default Browser action that launches the system default web browser. These could also show up as "CRT not initialized" or "DLL failed to initialize" errors and could also sometimes cause the sandboxed application to crash on start. The border rectangle is adjusted to wrap around the Windows Aero thick window frame. MD5 4e0c5ea80ed0aeeeecb58 SHA1 8cedee8ed32afb3b89bef7bff38fd1.

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Improved support for concurrent use of Sandboxie by multiple users of the same computer.

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Fixed crashes and lack of functionality of start command lines options [ https: Elevation from a standard user account is not supported at this time. Fixed elevated installer failure introduced in 5. Major changes since version sandboxi.

This version of Sandboxie features improved overall performance. Errors when running some UPX-compressed executables in the sandbox.

KB in Win causes 64 bit applications to crash. Some printer drivers write temporary files to their own work area, even when not printing to file.

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MD5 ee3f51adb8f26edbe SHA1 b3a73a2ede9fab2ecfb0ece7d. Launching a 3.2 program will correctly start the Sandboxie service and driver, if they are not active. MD5 05bf48f0ceca5f95ec SHA1 f0faa3bc2fbda5fd0e2d1dbf The Lingering Programs mechanism will not stop programs set as a linger program, if the program in question is showing a window.

A middle-click on the task bar button will start a copy of the program in the same sandbox. New translation to Italian, contributed by FSoft.

A few very minor tweaks to improve performance. Introducing a new and improved Sandboxie Installer, which allows program updates without a removal first, and is also functional when running in Safe Mode. Better support for concurrent Terminal Services sessions logon sessions.

Changed default delete sandbox command for Eraserl secure delete: Improved compatibility with web proxy software: Sandboxie Control Easy configuration to allow un-sandboxed access to Internet Explorer Favorites and Firefox Bookmarks Sandboxie Control can remove created sandboxes Automatic sandbox clean-up has been made more consistent with respect to manual clean-up New Features: In the past six months, large parts of Sandboxie have been re-written to achieve the following goals.

Support for internationalization in Immediate Recovery. If a user saandboxie from inside the sandbox using a 32 bit app, printing sandboxke the sandbox would no longer work. In earlier versions, the folder would re-created with the contents of the real folder.

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New features in Sandboxie Control: Fixes to Quick Recovery and Immediate Recovery: Comments and User Reviews. Clipboard formats that were restricted in 4.

This version also makes it possible eandboxie install Internet Explorer toolbars into the sandbox. This is being investigated.

Some issues with printing to a network printer on Windows 7. Changes Most of the many changes in version 3.

Automatic command completion now works with both Windows as well as Windows XP. Fixed the Microsoft Account Sign-in Assistant issues hotmail.

Resource Access settingswhich can sanboxie settings for a specific program or group of programs, can now be used to apply settings for all programs except a specific program or group of programs.

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