Plug your card or sd or compactflash card to your computer. Thanks for making this! Low priority tiles go to fourth layer, and high priority per tiles this idea was taken from SNESAdvance. SnemulDS [Revival] by cruplezone Dec 5, at 9: A Link to the past E [!

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When fighting Kraid, try changing layers and his body will show up. A digital store where you can sell your music, artworks, pictures and software.

Hey i was playing Chrono Trigger. I think the problem is not the filesystem itself but the touch function. How about the built in emu on the dstwo supercard?

I have a friend who owns a Cyclo DS, and also whats to use your brilliant emulator What is required for him, in order to play?

SnemulDS [Revival]

I hope this helps people: What does this do? ROM runs, but falling puyos are invisible probably a layering issuethey appear when they hit the ground. If you have windows XP or vista download Win32 Gui.

You fond the right gui. If you can find better translation for english, tell me! I downloaded Chrono Trigger and it was a. I just wanted to say senmulds new version is awesome! Game doesn't keep armor after stages. Anyway it seems ok now… 40 comments June 18th, Hey, i have the prepatched 0. It works absolutely fine. In Final fantasy 5 the battle meny and job and status meny the onlely thing you can see is the cearacter but nothing else.

COuld help me through please? The Fighting Edition U 0. A Link to the past U [! I had lag and audio issues. This problem seems unsolvable my micro sd card looks like this: Donkey Kong Country E 0.

Earthworm Jim U [! Icons by Kevin Potts.

Many of us hate it when you ask ignorant snemuldd like if you have to convert the SMC file. Do you already have an account?

SNEmulDS Compatibility List - WikiTemp, the GBAtemp wiki

Like custom supe r mario world roms. SnemulDS [Revival] by cruplezone Dec 5, at 9: For the moment, i have found a way to have good sound with classic Square and Shemulds games: Do you know of any? Fully playable, near flawless emulation.

Bubsy 2 U 0. Go to the snemul.

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